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Aural Intelligence

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Pedagogical Development Proposal for an Effective Communication in the 21st Century

The knowledge, management and, training of the Aural Intelligence will provide us with better and more efficient tools and resources for Educational and Affective communication not only in the pre-verbal and verbal stages at home, school, and social environments.


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November 22nd, 2022
Listen, Listen ... Listen!
Próspero Reyes Cedeño

About the innovation


Oral-Aural Communication has been fundamental not only for educational success but mainly for the evolutionary development of Humanity, however, there are aspects of oral-aural communication that must be researched in-depth to have more efficient results in the context of a new revolutionary pedagogical approach for the 21st Century.

Traditionally Educational-Affective Communication lacks the knowledge of constitutive elements of Aural Intelligence. The use and modulation of the parameters; Pitch, Tone, Height, and Intensity, as well as Rhythm, will enrich the development of Affective and Educational Communication if they are initiated in the earliest stages. 

Repetitive intonation and regional accents are used and effective for social acceptance but not in Educational-Affective Communication. This proposal is directed to the knowledge and training of the ORAL EXPRESSION from a very different approach of singers and actors because their purposes are fundamentally different.  

The investigation, knowledge, and training of Aural Intelligence will make us more conscious of what it is above, below, before, and after THE WORDS to achieve better results in Educational and Affective Communication at home and school. 

Listen, Listen... Listen Yourself! 

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