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Pekka Peura

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Think critically, solve problems, become a change-maker

Startup High School

Helsinki, Finland
Startup High School provides inspirational and high quality virtual entrepreneurial studies for students aged 15 to 18. Using an online platform that students can attend and use as part of their official studies, every Finnish upper secondary and vocational school can become a ‘Startup High School’.

What is Startup High School?

Pekka Peura, Principal, Startup High School
“This program empowers students to be more what they are, not what they are expected to be. We help them to see all the ideas, skills and potential what they are possessing and courage them to show the beauty inside to the rest of the world.”

Pekka Peura, Principal, Startup High School

Startup High School isn’t just about starting a business. The program aims to motivate and empower students to do great things in any area that interests them. It presents the opportunity for students to learn skills and build professional networks in any field they are passionate about. The possibilities for students are limitless: from business to charity work, the sciences to journalism, event organisation to NGOs.

Startup High School offers time, support and opportunities through practical work in fields that each individual student is passionate about. Students will create networks across companies and communities. Through authentic opportunities, students will also develop strong problem solving competencies.

High quality learning materials have been curated when creating Startup High School's courses. Most lessons contain super engaging video interviews with 25 famous and inspiring Finnish entrepreneurs, influencers, thinkers, artists and media professionals, and young students who have already started to make their own ideas real while studying in their regular school.

Startup High School's priority is not to make additional school work for their students, but to be part of their regular school work. Courses are built in a way that they can be included in our national curricula. This guarantees that students in upper secondary or vocational school can use the work they produce in Startup High School to support their regular studies.

We believe all schools should offer opportunities for students to be in touch with their own innovativeness and have the possibility to create, develop, market and in some occations even sell  their own ideas and products.

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Innovation Overview
15 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
Startup High School is a full service offering inspirational and high quality online courses directly for students. Even if schools does not have any teacher who would have time or interest in leading this program in their school, students can still attend. We provide everything: learning materials, guidance, and a community to be part of.
Contact information
Pekka Peura
HundrED Review

There are 5 aspects to Startup High that make it innovative: 1) Materials: The materials are top quality and video lecturers are from the most famous entrepreneurs and media persons in Finland. 2) Access: Online courses can be accessed from every school in the country 3) Credits: The courses take national curricula into consideration, so that courses can be included in students' regular studies. 4) Assessment: Self-assessment plays the major role, and students are also constantly assessing the quality of lessons. 5) Collaboration: Startup High School includes an online collaboration tool, which enables students to work as a team even if they live in different parts of the country.


Many students have reported that Startup High School gives them more courage and self-esteem. Many has also reported that these courses are the best, or among the best courses they have ever taken.


This concept can be scaled to other countries, but the material needs to be localized. We are keen to find and co-work with people who would like to take this concept into their country.


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Startup High School in Finland
Startup High School in Finland
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Startup High School in other countries
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