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Saturday School

place Thailand

We engage volunteers to make underprivileged kids realise their potential through well-designed activities outside the classroom.

We recruit and train young professionals to design and conduct extracurricular activities (e.g., dancing, cooking, and music) for underprivileged kids in Thailand. Kids undergone this programme are instilled with grit and growth mindset which will help them to fulfil their potential and their dreams. Volunteers will also be more collaborative, communicative, creative, and can think critically.


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June 2019

About the innovation

10+1 weeks and children realise what they can truly be.

Saturday School Foundation and volunteers in the network work tooth and nail to counter negative influences plaguing innocent children in Thailand. Such negative influences are poverty, violence, substance abuse, and inadequate education system. These bog children down with fixed belief that they are destined to be like their surrounding environment. This is where Saturday School Foundation comes into play.  We believe that children can achieve great feat given appropriate treatment and opportunities. We designed this flagship programme, Saturday School, to instil grit and growth mindset and to give underserved children ample opportunity to shine. 

Our flagship programme, Saturday School, is a 10+1 weeks programme which indirectly nurtures beliefs in children that  they can further develop oneself if they persevere through obstacles. Such beliefs are delivered via skill-based activity that fits each child's interest. Examples are dancing, cooking, coding, football, board game designing, etc. That is what we do in each Saturday for 10 weeks. The "+1" week is when children show what they have learned in the past 10 weeks to students from other classes, parents, and general public. 

One of the major ingredients of the programme lies within Saturday School Foundation's network of over 1400 volunteers; our volunteers are poised and hungry to make change ripples through society. We have experts from their fields. We have passionate enthusiasts. We have people from all walks of life. These magnificent people do not only conduct lessons, but also share their experiences and inspire wide-eyed children to pursue their dream. Diversity makes Saturday School experience so unique and impactful. Our volunteers are well trained with intensive training and ongoing assistance throughout 10 teaching weeks. This structure helps us to control the quality of lessons and unleash volunteers' potential. 

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