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Playing is the new way to learn!

Let’s imagine an empty world, one which can only be built by Learning! Young generation with so much potential now holds the power to choose their pathway, a one-way ticket to their chosen career in only 15 minutes a day! Casper Academy’s PathWork is a Gamified, engaging learning pathways platform that provides purpose-driven guided pathways incentivized by building their empty world whole!



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August 2023
PathWork enables people to understand their intrinsic goals and ambitions through, and in the process, makes learning fun and purpose-driven. Through Gamification, skill mastery, space repetition techniques, and a few others PathWork intends to maximize knowledge retention and engagement thus, changing the outlook of education in the future.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Learning is fun but studying is not.

PathWork invites young learners to enjoy bite-sized lessons and pathways that make learning fun while helping them progress towards their career goals.

The education system and e-learning platforms are hurting young people's career advancement due to a lack of relevance, flexibility, and engagement. PathWork is offering to solve just that!

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Pathwork is an EdTech Platform offering personalized and gamified learning pathways for job preparedness aimed at Industry 4.0 and 5.0 jobs and careers.

Unlike other platforms, it offers a fun and engaging journey to obtain in-depth knowledge and skills for various career paths.

Here’s how it works:

Explore - The journey begins as PathWork first analyzes the user’s specific needs and ambitions.

Learn - For their goal, young professionals set out to learn by completing multiple lessons.

Play - As the user advances through multiple courses and lessons, they earn points and rewards and level up.

Showcase - Their progress is a measure of growth and accomplishment and can be showcased on their profiles.

What attracts users is our entertaining bite-sized lessons making learning on-the-go fun, focused and flexible with 5 to 10-minute lessons.

PathWork ensures highly engaging, relevant and valuable content to make professional development fun and purposeful!

How has it been spreading?

For the past 2 years, Casper Academy explored the opportunities in the post COVID-19 Pandemic education sector. We found a gap in ensuring engaging, relevant, and flexible education despite technological advancements.

Emphasis was placed on engagement and gamification. Live online courses were conducted, and various features such as educational content types, delivery style, assessments, and active learning components were tweaked to find the best fit for learners

From March 2023, focus has been shifted towards a mobile application that combines core aspects of learning through gamified learning pathways for youth to learn and grow into their desired career paths.

Within just 2 months’, PathWork was accepted into Bangladesh's largest startup Bootcamp Bangabadhu Innovation Grant 2023.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

1. Pick a pathway focused on your preferred job role or skill
2. Set your target on how many lessons you want to complete daily or weekly
3. Complete lessons and get closer to building blocks on your world
4. Achieve new heights in your pathways creating greater meaning and milestones
5. Compete with your friends and be proud of your achievements!

Implementation steps

Explore - Find your pathway, reach your goals!
Explore the multiple pathways available such as Market Research, Entrepreneurship, or Advertising and Branding, etc., select the pathway. Each pathway consists of multiple career destinations, and by completing one lesson, one module and one course at a time, decide the best career option suited to your interests and desires.
Learn - Complete Lessons ,Gain Points , Level Up!
Each Block (in our world courses are known as Blocks) consists of multiple modules which contain various lessons. Each lesson is designed to be bite-sized and be consumed on the go! Completing each lesson and module unlocks the next set of blocks to set foot on. While learners embark on completing their studies, interact with NPCs, answer questions, correct their mistakes, and move ahead!
Play - Build up your way, your world!
15 minutes a day, one lesson, six to eight questions, let’s you gain points. Use points to customize your world, and build based on blocks you’ve completed and skills that you have acquired! The world in PathWork is a visualization of the progress made by the learners, motivating them to move ahead and make progress. With multiple challenges thrown at the learners, weekly and monthly, learners can gain extra points and ornament their world with special rewards or items.
Showcase - Feel proud of what you have completed!
At the end of the pathway, as the learners have completed their Blocks, learners will have a showcase profile for employers. This allows the learners to complete their journey portraying their projects and achievements which they can further improve upon.

Spread of the innovation

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