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4C Transformative Learning

Enabling school transformation

Often schools understand the why and the what for transformation but not the how. 4C Transformative Learning engages in >80 long term school partnerships building creativity, collaboration, communication and critical reflection in learning, leadership, pedagogy and school culture. Using evidence based coherence makers (frameworks), professional learning and mentoring we catalyze transformation.



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Target group
May 2023
Transformation of our schools to make them fit for purpose for the learners they serve through engaging and agentic support for change in all aspects of education. This is achieved through a deep understanding and deep learning in Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity that unlocks potential in all of our learners, teachers and leaders. We change the world as we change our schools

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Many schools know that they need to transform but do not know where to start. 4C Transformative Learning fits the gap between system policy and works with schools on the transformation journey. Systems are often too large to work with individual schools and often schools don’t have the time or energy to do it alone. With our organisation and our network of >80 schools transformation is achievable.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

We work in deep relationship with schools understanding their needs then working with them in a bespoke way through professional learning, inquiry, online learning and leadership development to tailor a package that will meet their needs. This is distinctive as many other organisations simply do ‘bolt on’ professional learning. We leverage our network to generate learning across schools and build productive relationships. All of this is founded on the three (soon to be 5) books we have written on school transformation. In those books are frameworks that we call coherence makers that structure concepts in education. For instance the creativity cascade coherence maker (Jefferson and Anderson, 2021) provides a clear pedagogical approach to understanding creativity. We have created coherence makers based on research evidence for the 4Cs, pedagogy, learning dispositions and more. These coherence makers are brought to life by creative, embodied and inquiry based professional learning.

How has it been spreading?

We have seen exponential growth from 1 school to 20 to now more than 80 schools and early childcare centres. We would love now to offer this work to the international community to support educators to transform their schools with an understanding of their own contexts.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Have a look at our website at www.4c and then email us at and arrange a zoom to discuss your school’s needs and how we can enable transformation in your school, university, system or early childcare setting.
You could also read our books that can be found at:

Implementation steps

Discussing transformation needs
Identifying the place to start for school transformation.
Co-designing a transformation plan
Working side by side we develop a plan for change that includes professional learning, mentoring and other forms of engagement.
Transformation journey
This is different for every school but it will often include:
- engaging and creative professional learning
- Teacher and Learner Inquiry
- Online learning
- Mentoring
Reshape, rethink, rework
At set intervals (3 months, 6 months etc) we consult with the school to understand and reset course. So we may begin working on and with pedagogy and we may then begin working on learning or leadership as that arises in the process.
Engaging with the network
We bring our network of schools together in various forms several times a year to support sustainable learning from each other. This creates a multiplier effect for change and creates relationships across schools, systems and schooling sectors (primary/elementary, secondary etc).

Spread of the innovation

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