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Building Networks To Support Young People


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inHive enables teachers, students, program managers and young leaders to develop the skills and tools to establish effective networks so that they can tap into one of the schools’ or program's biggest resources: their former students. Our innovation is a low-cost methodology for establishing networks for them to serve as role models, mentors, career information, remedial learning tutors, and more.
Aisha Suhailm, Board Member of CARE Foundation
We are thrilled to be partnering with inHive and the UK Government for the development of a long-lasting CARE Alumni Network. This initiative will not only enhance peer-to-peer engagement.

Aisha Suhailm, Board Member of CARE Foundation


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Why did you create this innovation?

inHive believes that former students have the ability to strengthen schools and help tackle social injustices perpetuated through the education systems. 60% of adults around the world have gone to school, and research indicates that over 50% of them would be willing to give back (with time, expertise or funds) to the next generation if they were asked. But only 1% currently are asked.

How does your innovation work in practice?

inHive is a team of specialist network builders who work with partners to bring alumni networks into the schooling process. We have developed, tested and implemented a methodology and a capacity-building approach to building sustainable networks. Our methodology and programme of support are amendable to local contexts and replicable across institutions and hence easily replicable and scalable. We know that young people are inspired and guided more successfully by their peers and people who have come from the same background or region. It is a highly scalable intervention for schools and young leader programs because the only criteria it relies on is having at least one graduating class.  inHive's methodology enables the existing members of the community to lead a network that supports young people, adapts to their changing and local needs and leverages existing resources.

How has it been spreading?

Last year we worked with PYCA in Pakistan to design and test a novel approach of training young women leaders to set up their alumni communities. We shared the learnings with the wider education community to positively influence the quality of schooling for girls, helping to influence more schools and education leaders to use this methodology to get more girls into school and keep them there.

We worked in Nicuragua through Fabretto to assess the interests and needs of thousands of youth across Nicaragua who have graduated from a technical education program to help support them in setting up an alumni network.

We worked with Windle International who support refugees across East Africa into quality education assess the needs of their alumni so refugees can access a thriving suppo

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If your school or educational program wants to create a thriving alumni network to help support young people and expand their opportunities in life then the first thing needs to be an understanding from all the key stakeholders as to what that network could provide. Each context is different, so inHive understands this and then creates a tailored plan for building and implementing a network.


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