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ERES (You Are)

place Venezuela

Tackling Sexual Health Education for girls & adolescents while promoting healthier relationships

ERES promotes gender equality and female empowerment. Enhances awareness of sexual health, reproductive rights & gender-based violence, especially for girls & teenagers living in urban & rural slums. Provides specialized physical assistance, prevention plans and, mental and psychosocial support for those girls and women affected by different forms of violence, exploitation, neglect or abuse.



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Target group
June 2022
"I truly believe that this is a very valuable initiative to support Venezuelan young girls at an essential stage of their physical, social and emotional development."

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Venezuela duplicates the average of adolescent pregnancy in the Latin-American region, increasing extreme poverty. Menstrual Hygiene Management has been a human rights issue in the country. ERES was created as an option, to offer a solid sexual health education program to support girls & adolescents (G&A) from slums, including both, students and out-of-school direct and indirect beneficiaries.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

ERES is a 9 month comprehensive program committed to raise awareness and strengthen knowledge in schools, communities, families, institutions & civil society, on issues such as sexual education & menstrual hygiene, child prevention, abuse & sexual exploitation, gender-based violence, new masculinity, positive parenting, the importance of obtaining a birth certificate, among other aspects. Includes an illustrative guide on Sexual Health and Menstrual Hygiene. With fun activities and talks, educates about physical and emotional changes that occur during the adolescence. Multipliers offer precise and clear information about the menstrual hygiene products available and how to use them, fostering a healthy life stile during the menstrual period, without prejudice, and explains how to reduce discomfort. ERES includes mothers & caregivers from the communities participating. To deliver the message, Aseinc trains area coordinators, pedagogical & community promoters for it's implementation.

How has it been spreading?

ERES, sponsored by UNICEF, the British Embassy in Caracas and the UK Gender Equality Unit, is a transversal project that offers sexual health education with an effective pedagogy for G&A (ages 11-17). Includes a series of workshops for G&A, parents & caretakers; offers an illustrative Menstrual Hygiene Guide (designed by Aseinc) concentrating topics like sexual well-being, sexual & reproductive education, and a motivational scheme to design a “life project” through formal education. Multipliers develop activities with a differential approach to gender, age & diversity (indigenous and disabled), in addition, it's complemented with accompaniment, monitoring & evaluation. Since 2021, has benefited 350 G&A, 200 mothers & caregivers, 22 teachers from 5 schools in 4 states.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Please contact Aseinc (Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Educación Integral y Comunitaria - Association for the Development of Comprehensive Education & Communities) to learn how to adapt NVELE to other vulnerable communities and increase the impact in other regions. Carolina Orsini, Executive Director.

Spread of the innovation

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