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Artificial Intelligence for Education

Here are a few tagline ideas for your application: Empowering Education with AI Technology

Our artificial intelligence education application integrates cutting-edge AI tools for peer support, and engaging learning experiences to provide students with a personalized and effective learning journey. Our app also includes peer support features, allowing students to connect and collaborate with their peers, and engage in interactive learning activities that enhance their understanding.


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Target group
Students basic
April 2023
The change we hope to see in education through our AI-powered education application is a more personalized and effective learning experience for all students.We also aim to foster a more collaborative and engaging learning environment through our peer support features and interactive learning activities. By connecting students with their peers and providing opportunities for collaborative learning

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

In today's rapidly changing world, digital skills are becoming increasingly important for individuals in all industries and professions. However, over 70% of businesses have said that the lack of staff with adequate digital skills. The lack of digital skills can lead to the decline in the growth, efficiency and productivity of their businesses.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

We provide blended training programs for kids and adults to make digital literacy more accessible. We have designed curriculums for different ages with different levels of digital skills.
We have done pilots with schools and students show high interest in learning.

How has it been spreading?

We provided teaching services to ca. 200 students in the last years. With free teaching workshops, we reached ca. 500 students. In 2023, we focus on Finland and we plan to scale up the service to expand to other countries to UK, the U.S.A and Asia in the next 3 years.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If some new learners come, we will evaluate the previous knowldge in digital skills and then suggest different learning courses based on the evaluation. Please send email to info@aiedus.io if you want to try our service.

Implementation steps

Evaluation of their previous knowledge
Complete a few tasks relevant to digital skills
Choose course
Choose a proper course to learn
Learn either online or in-person
Learn together in live courses with teachers and other students
Assess the digital skills
Project based learning method to practice digital skills

Spread of the innovation

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