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place Cameroon

AUMAZO removes access barriers to quality education and addresses root causes of limited resources and advancement possibilities for girls

Aumazo creates impact by addressing key constraints of why girls in rural Cameroon have such limited access to educational resources and few possibilities for advancement. In turn, Aumazo shines a light on issues that girls face as well as disrupts dated ideas about how people view girls living in rural communities. Aumazo builds schools, provides tutoring and scholarship programs


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June 2020
I am happy and feel very empowered now. My student’s life is the most amazing one and my understanding of education concepts and public speaking have improved in three years in the tutoring program.

About the innovation

Boarding High School for Girls in Rural Cameroon


Aumazo transforms the lives of girls in rural Cameroon by creating a new future for them through access to a quality high school education with better infrastructure and vocational training options. The organization helps them design a new future as successful adults and invent ways to make it a reality

AUMAZO does this by building local boarding school infrastructure as well as by providing a quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, STEM-based high school education.


Given the opportunity, women can be the engines to transform the economy and society in developing nations. Aumazo's aim is to give young women in rural Cameroon and eventually around Africa just that opportunity by:

  • Creating critical thinkers with STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education and empowering the next generation of innovative leaders

  • Constructing safe and supportive community-based schools with better infrastructure and an environment conducive to learning.

  • Preparing young women for leadership roles within their communities and giving them learning skills that allow them to compete in a global economy while fostering economic development in their region.

  • Developing a self-sustaining funding model for our work and ensuring ongoing operation of our schools and programs including our partner program ZOMABuild.

PROJECT SUSTAINABILITY:ZOMABuild: Aumazo’s Partner Company

Aumazo also has a fiscal mission – to create a sustainable funding model that supports the ongoing operation of the school(s) we build, well into the future. That’s where our partner business, ZOMABuild, comes in.

ZOMABuild is a building material production and construction business based in Newtown Bafang, Cameroon. It is social enterprise established specifically to help fund the operating expenses of Aumazo school and programs.

Learn more about ZOMABuild, whose profits go toward funding Aumazo’s education programs.

SCHOOL: College Regional Technique Kamarie (CoReTecK Kamarie)

Central to Aumazo’s work and vision is its pilot boarding high school for girls conceived to equip girls with skills that translate into meaningful livelihoods and promising futures. Aumazo has submitted its application for the permission to operate the school and expects to open its doors by fall 2021.


Only 17 percent of girls in rural Cameroon successfully pass the mandatory high school entrance exam. Many factors lead girls to drop out before entering or finishing high school. Consider the challenges faced by Audrey, a single mother.

Audrey lives in Bankondji village, where she participates in Aumazo’s "Ça Fait Du Bien/It Makes Good" tutoring program. She decided to return to school five years after she dropped out, and joined the tutoring program in 2018. She faced enormous difficulties which she overcame successfully.

Read more to find out why, and to learn about the challenges faced by female students in rural Cameroon

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