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Shane Krukowski
Mike Hourahine

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Headrush is a platform that facilitates project-based learning from start to finish allowing students to become self-empowered learners.

Headrush Learning

Ontario, Canada
Headrush captures a living record of project planning, execution, assessment and reporting for schools breaking the bounds of traditional education. Students pursue their passions while meeting school/state or competency-based requirements with customizable transcript and tracking towards graduation. We provide effortless management for the modern day learner, supporting PBL and student autonomy.

Why Headrush Learning?

Adam Kulaas, Director at Getting Smart
“"As one of the most exciting demos of the new year, HEADRUSH has only begun to make its mark.””

Adam Kulaas, Director at Getting Smart

What we do?

We create a living record of every learner's journey. Headrush supports schools who are breaking the bounds of traditional education with smart planning, execution, assessment and reporting of deeper learning. We superpower teachers as mentors and enable students to be the heroes of their own story. 

Why we do it?

Headrush was founded with the realization that barriers can be significantly lowered by the smart application of the right software. Founded in 2017, Headrush began without a name, building, team nor investors. Instead, Headrush was born as a convergence of stories, as initial founders Shane and Mike, along with code-ninja Jeff, joined forces with one aim in mind-- to help innovative schools adopt a more learner-centric approach. Dedicated to creating educational software that makes a difference in school’s today, the Headrush mission is and will always be to foster self empowered learners who are future ready.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
3 500
Tips for implementation
Want to support PBL implementation for the masses? Join our community of 3,500 users from 50+ Headrush-powered schools to 1. Simplify authentic project work 2. Empower student-led learning 3. Plan, track and assess work easily 4. Grow smart insight and accountability
Contact information
Shane Krukowski
Mike Hourahine

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