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10 Youtube Channels Helping Learners Learn Around The World
The current climate has opened our eyes to free, online learning resources that children around the world can access. However, it is not always easy to find the right channel or video to start with. H
27.4.2020 Pukhraj Ranjan
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12 Ideas from Pittsburgh That Could Transform Education
The HundrED Spotlight on Pittsburgh identified the 12 most inspiring innovations in southwestern Pennsylvania. Read our report and watch the documentary video series to see why we think something spec
23.9.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
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2019 HundrED Innovation Summit Has Wrapped Up And We Are Grateful For Everyone Who Joined!
This year’s invite-only HundrED Innovation Summit focused on inspiring K12 innovations, activating youth voice and providing various support for innovators like HundrED Connect, Education Funders Coll
9.11.2019 Pukhraj Ranjan
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2019 HundrED Innovation Summit's First Line Of Speakers Announced
Take a look at just a few of the speakers who will be taking the stage at this year's HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki...
10.9.2019 Katija Aladin
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5 Things Not To Miss At The Helsinki Education Week & The HundrED Innovation Summit
The weather may be cooling down in Helsinki, but the events in the city are warming up! Helsinki Education Week and the HundrED Innovation Summit are only a few weeks away, here are 5 things you do no
18.10.2019 Katija Aladin
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750,000 Children Imagining The Nigeria They Want To See In 2030
As part of a global campaign in October 2019 to educate and activate children and young people about the SDGs, the World’s Largest Lesson Nigeria gave children both in and out of school an opportunity
26.12.2019 World’s Largest Lesson Nigeria
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7 Heroes overcoming the Challenges of getting Girls back to School
Celebrating International Women's Day with Educate Girls Since its inception in 2007, Educate Girls has been mobilizing communities towards girls’ education in the most rural areas of Rajasthan, Madhy
8.3.2021 Educate Girls
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8 Essential Elements That Help Transform Kids’ Health & Wellbeing
There’s no exact, magic formula that can be applied to make all people healthy, unfortunately. But in working with vulnerable school communities for 12 years, APPLE Schools has developed a solid model
30.1.2020 Magdalena Pawlowski
community interview
Abhijit Sinha on Why Students Must Take the Lead in Creating their Own Learning Environments | HundrED Innovation Summit
Abhijit Sinha is the innovator behind Project DEFY (Design Education for Yourself), which is a system of learning that believes anyone can teach themselves anything by using the internet and the commu
14.8.2019 Romayne Javangwe
community interview
A Conversation About Transitions, Adaptability, New Friends & Squirrels with Finnish Preschoolers
HundrED Ambassador and Finnish grade 5 teacher, Esa Säily went to Helsinki’s Susanna kindergarten to find out how preschoolers were feeling about the transition between kindergarten to grade 1. Read
17.6.2019 Esa Säily
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Actionable Strategies for Designing Innovative and Impactful Learning Experiences
As an organization working with children from low-income communities in India since 2017, Saturday Art Class breaks down how creative art exploration through Social-Emotional Learning has been a highl
10.6.2021 Chhavi Khandelwal
community article
A Future For Ishita: Why Escaping Poverty Is Critical For Children To Enjoy A Brighter Future
Research tells us that poverty has deleterious effects on children across a range of indicators. It has significant academic costs, particularly during early childhood, delays or disrupts key psychoso
17.10.2019 BRAC USA