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HEI Schools to bring Finnish Early Childhood Education Studies to Malaysia
HEI Schools signs an agreement with SEGi University and Colleges to bring Finnish Early Childhood Education Studies to Malaysia
30.6.2021 HEI Schools
HEI Schools raises €2M in Funding to Bring Finland ́s Renowned Early Education Model Worldwide
Selected HundrED Innovation the Edtech Startup HEI Schools, raises €2 million inseries A funding to bring Finland ́s renowned early education model worldwide. The new financing allows the company to a
23.4.2021 HEI Schools
community impact story
HEI Schools, Setting The Bar For Quality Education In Early Childhood Education
HEI Schools, selected for HundrED 2019 & HundrED 2020 is spreading their playful early childhood education model based on the Finnish early childhood education curriculum to as many children as possib
17.3.2020 Katija Aladin & Anne Rusanen
community article
The Magic Of Early Childhood Education
This month, we're talking early childhood education and highlighting the importance of the first years in a child's life. With the increase in research on the benefits of early childhood education, le
2.3.2020 Katija Aladin
community article
Play Is Being Eroded From Early Childhood Education And Why Should We All Be Advocating For It
‘Play is a critical tool for children’s development not just in the early years but right through their childhood,’ says Marcus Veerman, CEO and Founder at Playground Ideas. In this article, we explor
1.6.2019 Josephine Lister
community article
Can The Finnish Preschool Model Work Around The World?
In a globalized time, it can seem distasteful to take a concept out of its homeland and copy it around the world. We don’t want to lose our individual cultures and customs in a well-meaning attempt to
1.6.2019 Josephine Lister
community interview
Dr. Joanne Orlando: Early Childhood Education Has A Personalized Approach And We Should Learn From It
Dr. Joanne Orlando, Senior Lecturer of Early Childhood Education at Western Sydney University shares how we need to learn from the personalized approach in early childhood. A leader in the field, her