Why Moving And Learning Are A Perfect Match


Throughout December we're looking at how education can cater to the whole child. Bryn Llewellyn, Founder of Tagtiv8, went live on our Facebook page to share the benefits of a Physically Active Learning approach. Watch the video to find out the principles of Physically Active Learning (PAL) and how research shows PAL can improve classroom behavior, active engagement, significantly reduce sedentary periods of time, and offer aggregated improvement in academic performance over time.

Who is Bryn Llewellyn?

According to a 9-year-old student in London, Bryn is ‘a genius’. However, his friends and family know the truth.

Bryn worked in various UK schools for 25 years as a Teacher, Deputy Head and Acting Head.

In 2012, he founded Tagtiv8 Ltd. His pioneering approach to Physically Active Learning (PAL) provides an enjoyable alternative to classroom-based learning and also promotes physical activity – crucial when we all face the increasing problem of sedentary lifestyles.

Research by Leeds Beckett University demonstrates that his PAL solutions tackle inactivity & obesity levels. Not only that, the PAL approaches impact positively on standards and academic performance. Tagtiv8 are now working with over 65,000 children and teachers across the UK and abroad. Pioneering teachers respect the pedagogy and children love the games.

Bryn is a co-director of Move & Learn UK and also writes curriculum material for the BBC and other organizations.


What does the webinar include?

Modern schools are incredibly busy places with relentless pressures to increase standards.

In amongst all of this, the health and wellbeing of UK primary school children is on the decline.

  • Physical activity levels amongst UK primary-aged children are falling from as early as 7-years of age.  

  • Only 10% of children achieve daily recommendations for physical activity.

  • Increasing numbers of children in the UK are leaving school classified as obese or overweight.  

Traditional approaches towards improving health outcomes for children focus heavily upon Sport & PE during segmented periods of the school day. But does this engage all children in becoming more active? Or does it merely maintain the levels of those that are active already?

Bryn would like to engage with the HundrED community to find out if similar barriers exist elsewhere and what you are doing to overcome them.


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