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UNOi, Disrupting The Status Quo And Changing Education Through Their Transversal Model


UNOi has been recognised as one of the leading innovations in the world and featured in HundrED 2019. UNOi is a living movement driven by people committed to an educational evolution. An integrated education model of technology, learning by doing and multilingualism that prepares children in a personalised approach.  They emphasise the importance of developing human beings with the ability to face the challenges of real life. Read more about UNOi and what it has meant for them to be part of the HundrED 2019 Collection. 


What does it mean for UNOi to be recognised as a leading education innovator in the HundrED 2019 Global Collection?

9 years ago we had the dream of raising the quality of education in Latin America, creating a 21st century learning model that could generate positive change. Our goal was to develop a learning model that would allow schools to create "meaningful and purposeful environments" that focused entirely on the needs of students. Nine years later, we see the first achievements. Today, the curriculum presents real-world content inspired by current issues that could have a resounding impact on society. Unique learning experiences  that allow students to explore and build their own knowledge. It has been years of effort, hard work, study, research and, above all, perseverance. For us, being recognized as the leading innovators in education in the Global HundrED 2019 Collection is definitely a great honor, and a huge commitment to keep our educational model alive, student-centered and, above all, in an incessant evolution.


What are your biggest takeaways from the HundrED Innovation Summit?

Unfortunately, we could not attend, however, everything we could read, see and hear from a distance made us feel motivated and deeply committed to our goal: educational transformation. The event brought together a large number of educational leaders who are making great efforts to improve the conditions and quality of children's learning. Being part of that community, sensitizes, and pushes us to take action and to not give up


How has the HundrED Summit and global recognition helped progress the impact of UNOi?

Individual efforts, although important, do not achieve the impact that is needed, but when the forces of many join together, the impact multiplies. This has been the case for UNOi as a result of HundrED's acknowledgement. On one hand, it is a validation of the motive that has prompted us to do what we do: the need for an educational transformation, to create the conditions for our Mexican children to flourish. The acknowledgement of our team’s effort  fuels motivation and opens up the possibilities to set new goals. It is a way of saying "yes we can and it is being done, not only in Mexico but throughout the world". And on the other hand, of course that HundrED gave us international visibility. Recently we were recognized by CM Rubin in his series The Global Search for Education, articles have been published on NBC, Forbes, etc., that have allowed us to reach more educational institutions and begin to approach not only those schools that belong to the private sector, but through other institutions, reach those children with limited access to quality education. This has increased the impact of the model with a growth of approximately 10,000 children and the installation of more than 150 maker clubs in the last year.

So, what is next for UNOi?

Although we already have an integral, disruptive and transversal model focused on children, the work is not finished. The speed at which the world moves and the impact of technology on social interactions, and therefore the ways how our kids learn, forces us to maintain an incessant evolution, to continue working so that our model generates intelligent learning environments in which all children can learn and flourish. We dream that every child not only in Mexico but in Latin America, learns by making and using their creativity as main raw material. It is a big challenge and the road ahead is very long, however, every year, we go a little further. What is coming now?



What would you say to innovators who are looking to connect with HundrED? Why should they be part of the global community for change?

Being part of a global community for change is a great opportunity. First of all, to belong to a global learning community in which you will get to know worldwide initiatives that seek, like you, educational improvements and allow children of the world to become the generators of change with possibilities to transform the world. And on the other hand, you have the possibility to get in touch with those initiatives and to integrate them into your efforts. From UNOi, we have always believed that collaboration is the future not only of education but of the world. HundrED is that, the integration of educational initiatives that will transform the world, so if you are an innovative leader in education who shapes the future you have to be part of it. 

Find out more about UNOi by visiting their innovation page.