The HundrED Brightest Sparks in Education for 2020


The countdown is on! The HundrED 2020 was released on November 6th at the 2019 HundrED Innovation Summit. For our third global collection, we have gained various insights on the incredible innovations being implemented in all parts of the world. With a focus on 21st century skills and a wider global perspective, we are proud to release the 100 leading education innovations making change happen. Read on for an overview of the collection from the perspective of the HundrED Research Team!

Most experts in education agree that the world is changing much faster than schools’ ability to keep up – and the consequences of this growing gap is getting alarmingly worse. For example, it is projected that by 2030, around half of all young people globally will reach adulthood without the basic secondary skills needed for the modern world (The Education Commission, 2016). At HundrED, we believe a large part of the solution to these growing problems in education lie in making already proven and effective innovative ideas much more globally accessible.

There is a rich field of research on innovation in business related literature like management science and economics, however, in regard to innovation in education, the field remains poorly studied. Since 2016, HundrED has discovered from its research that the world is already full of impactful and scalable innovations in education. Unfortunately, most educators in the world do not know about the best innovations on a global level, especially the ones outside of their local area. We aim to help change this through our Global Collection, which is renewed each year.

Our research process can be distilled into three distinct phases: stage 1 involves seeking leading innovations with our global community of ambassadors and youth ambassadors; at stage 2 is where we review each innovation for its impact and scalability; for stage 3, a shortlist of innovations that are worthy of being selected are reviewed by our Academy Members, made of over 150 experts in education including academics, education consultants, school leaders, teachers, students, and innovators from around the world. This year, we received over 2000 reviews to help inform our selection process. 

When asked about the importance of innovation in education, Head of Research at HundrED, Chris Petrie states: 

“We believe innovations in education should aim to allow us to do more with less and provide ways for educators to mitigate against known barriers (for example: time and resource restrictions). We think the selected innovations in our HundrED 2020 Global Collection do just this.” 

Seventy-three percent of the selected innovations are non-profit organisations and represent a range of categories within the education field from holistic education to student entrepreneurship. While there is a wide range of selections that cover the education spectrum, we found there is a lack of innovation in particular areas, such as school leadership and innovative ways to assess 21st-century skills. Nevertheless, this year’s Global Collection covers every continent and the innovations selected have already spread to an average of 10 countries and impacted from forty-two to 19 million students/users worldwide. 

To celebrate this collection, we bring together the selected innovations and inspiring members of the HundrED Community, for a three-day, invite-only HundrED Innovation Summit. The Minister of Education in Finland, Li Andersson will kickstart the event to welcome all local and global innovators to Helsinki, followed by opening words from HundrED Chairman & Creative Director, Saku Tuominen The conversations will be continued on how to make change in education happen. 


We believe this HundrED 2020 Global Collection contributes to our mission so that every child has the opportunity to flourish in life. 



Christopher Petrie