Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation: To provide talents for future society


The Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation’s mission is to promote lifelong learning and develop talent whilst utilizing innovative technology to fulfil industrial value.

The Foundation’s programs consist of four key elements: embedding Chinese cultural value in primary and secondary education, enhancing career readiness in tertiary education level students, enabling cross-domain learning in the society, promoting service science and service innovation; in order to achieve its vision to provide talents for future society.

With these four key elements, the Foundation’s mission is clear.  Its desire to provide talents for future society is represented by combining knowledge and practical experiences. Integrating Chinese literature teaching to instill students to form a human-centric and high considerate attitude towards to service; training students with practical and hand-on team-based projects; cultivating inter-disciplinary knowledge and application through professional training; and creating service skills and value that meet the need of society; are the main focus of the foundation.

Integrating the results of new service talent research, service industry analysis, and talent value prospective enquiry and the in-depth experience of educational field work, Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation has defined six indices for talent development, “FIT+HUG” since 2015. Representing Taiwan’s strengths, FIT stands for “Friendly by nature”, “Innovative with diversity”, and “Technology-aware” integrating the characteristics of HUG, “Human-centric approach”, “Uniting multiple domains”, and “Global view with local act”.

With technological innovation and continuous consolidation and changes in interdisciplinary fields, reforming education innovation has rapidly become a world’s major topic.

As the foundation unveils the NXTEducator program in partnership of HundrED, it expresses the foundation’s yearning in talent development and education innovation.  CEO, Teresa Lin, has said that “one of the foundation’s focus, employability, has become an index for sustainable development.  In collaborating with HundrED, we will call for innovations to join TalentNXT program which will develop and foster education innovation and talent development in the greater Chinese community and lead into the era of K12 education innovation.”

With this HundrED Spotlight collaboration, 10 inspiring education innovations in the global Chinese community will be selected.  Through research findings and short films, they will be shared with the world and presented on the global stages.  Furthermore, this project will focus on education research and development of “Employability”. 

Via innovation research, we will understand how educators may amplify “employability” value through innovative education according to current global trend.

Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation has been conducting a series of activities of promoting reading, developing self-expression, and experiencing hands-on field work to cultivate students’ ability to form a human-centric, highly considerate attitude toward service in Taiwan.  Taking a step further, the Foundation will expand its service focus to the global Chinese community and partner with global organizations to be a pioneer for developing talents needed by the society.

The foundation is expecting to play an integral role in current economic and social development.  Devoting its effort in education, the foundation is able to train talented individuals to service modern economy and society.  It is developing a prototype and learning model for the global service economy.

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