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Project ROCKIT Leading Australia's Biggest Youth-Driven Movement Against Bullying, Hate & Prejudice

19.11.2019 | BY CHLOE ECKERT

PROJECT ROCKIT Online has been recognised as one of the leading innovations in the world and featured in HundrED 2019 and 2020. PROJECT ROCKIT is Australia’s first and biggest youth-driven movement against bullying, hate and prejudice and, for the last 12 years, it has been running high impact, evidence-based workshops in schools that help young people stand up to (cyber)bullying instead of standing by. Read more about PROJECT ROCKIT and what it has meant for them to be part of the HundrED 2019 and HundrED 2020 Collection. 


What does it mean for PROJECT ROCKIT to be recognised as a leading education innovator in the HundrED 2019 and 2020 Global Collection?

For us to be a leading education innovator in the Hundred 2019 and 2020 Global Collection is a huge honour. Being part of the collection for the second year running is a huge vote of confidence that we’re onto something impactful with PROJECT ROCKIT Online. 

Digital learning products are a different kind of beast to work with when releasing into a school ecosystem, so being chosen as part of the Global Collection is not only an honour and a way for us to connect with the supportive and passionate online community, but also instills a vote of confidence in educators looking to purchase the program. 


What are your biggest takeaways from being part of the HundrED community?

Our biggest highlights from being part of the HundrED community, and the Victoria SPOTLIGHT, is that to make a positive change (and actually make change happen) in education it takes a whole team. There are phenomenal, passionate and like-minded people out there wanting to help, and to create genuine positive change in schooling by sharing their own resources, wins, and learnings.


How has the HundrED Summit and global recognition helped progress the impact of Project ROCKIT ?

Being part of the HundrED community has meant we’ve had more schools confident to spend their minimal wellbeing budget on the program. It’s really created a sense of confidence in educators to look into the program, but also then vouch for why it needs a spot in their curriculum. 

With rolling out digital products into the school space, having the badge has been a vote of confidence for educators that they’re looking into a quality product that’s innovative and being recognised for that. It’s huge for us. 



So, what is next for Project ROCKIT?

We’re working on scaling and growing within Australian schools. For our face-to-face workshop program we want to reach more areas to ensure all young people are getting access to inspiring and impactful (cyber)bullying resources. Primary workshop offerings will also be a big focus for us as instances of (cyber)bullying are happening earlier and earlier. 

For our online workshops, we’re looking into different ways to impact more students and make online resources more accessible for educators without creating or adding to the an-already convoluted curriculum in Australia. 


What would you say to innovators who are looking to connect with HundrED? Why should they be part of the global community for change?

Absolutely connect and join the community! It’s fantastic to constantly have different ideas being shared and to see what such passionate individuals are working on. It’s such a supportive community that’s welcomed PROJECT ROCKIT and actively seeks out learning experiences, wanting to share them and support one another. Communities and learning like this is the way that education will truly change, and HundrED is where you’ll find the people around the world who are making that happen. 


Find out more about PROJECT ROCKIT Online by visiting their innovation page.