Our Researchers Share The Findings Of The Every Child To Flourish Report | HundrED Innovation Summit


“What you can trust about HundrED that's a little bit different to other education innovation spaces is that we spend the entire year, each year, really understanding the education landscape,” explains Jessica Spencer-Keyse. “We felt it was really important because many people we spoke with felt that innovation didn’t really represent them, or didn’t really include teachers in the classroom. Yet what I’ve found is that teachers can be some of the most innovative people in education.”

“So what we wanted to do this year was really understand not only what systems leaders think needs to improve, but also the opinions of innovators, educators and students as well.”

The Every Child To Flourish research was conducted by HundrED to examine perceived needs of all stakeholders in education globally, through a State of the Debate review and Global Youth Survey.

As young people are too often excluded from educational change, a core part of this exploration gains key insights from youth internationally. Everyone has a role to play in improving education, from students to systems leaders, to academics and teachers. It is time to engage all stakeholders, everywhere, to understand that we can utilize deep insights and change from around the world in our continuously interconnecting global community. This will allow us to move forward together, innovating for an education that allows every child to flourish, no matter what happens in life.

Watch this short video to gain key insights from the research team behind the ‘Every Child To Flourish’ report.


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