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Our Approach

The purpose of education is to help every child flourish in life, no matter what happens.  When the world changes, education needs to change as well.

Education is changing all over the world – unfortunately, the world is changing faster. Therefore, if education systems can’t improve their ability to adapt, the gap between education and the world will widen.

HundrED believes that the best way to close this gap is through pedagogically sound, ambitious innovations. The good news is that the world is full of them. The bad news practically no one knows about them and they often struggle to spread.

Our mission is to change this.

We seek and share inspiring innovations in K12.

Our strategy is based on a two sided curation model.

We seek innovations that have been implemented across the world to research and understand them in relation to innovativeness, impact and scalability.

But we are also passionately looking for schools and teachers around the world who are as excited about these innovations as we are.

Our formula of change consists of three parts: values, innovations and trust.

The revolution in education starts with innovations. These innovations have to researched and based on the latest findings in the science of learning and, most importantly, demonstrate values that help young people flourish.

However, even the best innovation won’t spread unless we increase the trust at every level of education systems globally. We believe changes in education must begin from the bottom up, but they must also be encouraged and supported from the top down.

HundrED’s goal is that by 2020 the world of education will be full of innovations that travel across the borders, from continent to continent.

If you share our vision, please join us and help our schools change.

Our children deserve it.