Musical Futures To Train Finnish Teachers Later This Year


Since 2003, Musical Futures has inspired learners and equipped educators to make school life more musical. Used in more than 72 countries around the world, Musical Futures is now set to head to Helsinki this October to support Finnish teachers looking to make more of their music lessons.

Around the world, music lessons are underfunded, sidelined and squeezed from the curriculum. Musical Futures is helping to put the benefits of music back in the spotlight. Grounded in academic research and based on real-world practises of celebrated musicians, Musical Futures supports teachers around the world with training, networks and resources to deliver practical, engaging, developmental music programs in the classroom.

The one day intensive workshop on Saturday 27th October will give educators a practical, hands on introduction to teaching music the Musical Futures way. Led by Managing Director Fran Hannan, the session will introduce Musical Futures: Just Play - an easy, ready to use resource to help students build instrumental skills and perform a range of popular songs at different levels.  Educators will explore the most effective ways to implement Just Play in the classroom and how to ensure outstanding teaching and learning in the process. Attendees will also be delighted to discover inventive techniques for teaching contemporary songwriting, storytelling and music creation!

As well as expert guidance and opportunities to network, attendees will receive automatic membership of Musical Futures, as well as Just Play and Songwriting resource packs to take home with them, which include a full scheme of work, teacher notes, class materials and play-a-longs, all ready to be used in the classroom the very next day.

If you want to see more engagement in music lessons, more students picking up an instrument outside of class and more kids than ever before getting involved in concerts and performances, you’ll want to sign up!

Click here for more information, including how to register.