HundrED 2020 Innovation Summit Showcase: The Global Collection Launch


We have just over 1 week to go before the HundrED 2020 Innovation Summit! Join us next week to hear from innovators and education leaders from around the world, and explore 50+ breakout sessions across 5 tracks!

If you haven’t yet be sure to register for the HundrED Innovation Summit happening November 4-6th and stay tuned for more exciting program announcements in the coming days. The Summit can be viewed on your phone or browser both live and on-demand. 

This is the second in a series of articles meant to give you a better understanding of what you can expect from the first-ever completely virtual HundrED Innovation Summit. This time we will explore the Summit’s main event, the Global Collection Launch. This is when we announce the selected 100 innovators for the coming year. 

The HundrED 2021 Global Collection Launch: What are the World’s Leading Innovations in Education?

In education today there seems to be a consensus that we should be teaching and learning a wide range of skills; from lifelong learning to co-operation, curiosity to critical-thinking skills, empathy to adaptability. However, the real question is: how do we make change happen so that every child succeeds, teachers feel empowered, and parents support the process? 

That is where HundrED steps in - instead of being frustrated with the slow process of change - we try to be optimistic by highlighting how positive educational change is already happening around the world. Every year we research thousands of global education innovations leading meaningful improvements across five broad focus areas: skills, teachers, assessment, environment and/or systems, and leadership. We then select 100 of the top innovators from around the world based on their impact and scalability. 

These selected innovations are then packaged and shared with the world - for free. We have released the HundrED Global Collection at our Innovation Summit since 2017. In the past, we would invite selected innovators and educators to Helsinki to launch this report at a closed event in Helsinki. 

However, this year, due to restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, we have the opportunity to open this event up to the world!  

Join us live online as we announce the 100 most impactful innovations in education. These selected innovations have gone through a rigorous review process and have been deemed both highly impactful and scalable by an independent Academy of over 170 education experts from around the world.

The selected innovators will be announced during a 100-minute live celebration event. 

The event will open with a keynote address from Kiran Bir Sethi, Founder of Design for Change. We will then move into the main event where HundrED Co-Founder and Creative Director, Saku Tuominen, will announce the selected 100 innovations. We will also take an in-depth look into the HundrED Review Process to get a better idea of just what it means to be accredited by HundrED. As we unpack the HundrED Review Process we will also meet some members of the HundrED Academy and hear their perspective on the review process. In addition, we will hear from each of the HundrED Community groups including: Ambassadors, Country Leads, and Youth Ambassadors from around the world. 

And we will, of course, hear from the selected innovators themselves! New and returning members of our Innovator Community will take the virtual stage to share their personal experiences over this past year. 

Join us on November 4th 15:00 UTC (convert to your time zone) to celebrate the innovators who have embraced new ways of teaching and learning during the pandemic and are taking the future into their own hands. 

Are you registered for the HundrED Innovation Summit and eager to start planning your event? You can login to the event platform now to start building your schedule and networking with the other attendees. The password is summit2020