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26.9.2019 | Pukhraj Ranjan

HundrED Joins Forces With ISTE To Reach One Million Students With A New Definition of Digital Citizenship!

HundrED part of a new coalition aims to reach one million students with a new definition of Digital Citizenship! Join us as we work towards this ambitious goal and the announcement of the #DigCitCommit Educator Challenge!

HundrED is thrilled to join forces with a diverse group of tech, education, and media organisations like ISTE, Google, KQED, Team4Tech, Facebook Education, Common Sense Education, Digital Citizenship Institute, KidCitizen, Wiki Education, Newsela and more for the launch of the Digital Citizenship Commitment campaign (DigCitCommit) with the goal of redefining digital citizenship and reaching one million students by 2021. The campaign will engage educators, allow for the sharing of best practices, and provide them with the tools to teach a new definition of digital citizenship and well-being. 

At HundrED, we are in the process of releasing our own study findings and selected innovations through the Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing in partnership with the mobile game development company, Supercell. Christopher Petrie, Head of Research at HundrED, shares, "In our increasingly digital world, there is an urgency for more education and resources around Digital Citizenship in schools. It is concerning from a Digital Wellbeing survey we conducted at HundrED Research, that 79% of students and 84% of teachers similarly thought that adults, in general, do not effectively model healthy habits with digital devices. We have to ask ourselves as educators, how young people can learn to safely navigate their way through the myriad of digital issues that they face."

Through the development and sharing of curated resources including our innovations from the Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing, the DigCitCommit campaign hopes to equip educators, online and at in-person events, with a set of competencies that teaches youth to be safe online as well as instill a strong sense of digital literacy, civility, community, and engagement that fosters good in the world.

The five DigCitCommit competencies – inclusive, informed, engaged, balanced, alert – are designed to focus less on a list of DON’Ts and more on a proactive approach of DOs that challenge students to stay safe, solve problems and become a force of positivity. 

“As more and more of our interactions move to virtual spaces, the future of our democracy depends on our ability to prepare the next generation of leaders to be kind online, have a healthy balance between the types of online activities they engage in, and view technology as a tool to improve their physical and virtual communities,” says Richard Culatta, CEO of ISTE. “Digital Citizenship must be more than just online safety, it is a skill we must build in students and adults.”

One of our student's responses from the HundrED Digital Wellbeing survey resonates with Richards point -

"School students are constantly told to use digital devices in a healthy way but are not properly guided how. There needs to be proper integration of digital wellbeing within the education system to promote digital wellbeing to students.”

For the educator and innovator from the HundrED Community, we invite everyone to share how they are using technology to lead communities with the five DigCitCommit competencies for the newly launched #DigCitCommit challenge. Final submissions are due by 11:59 pm, EST on Sunday, Dec. 1, 2019, with prizes being awarded for the top submissions. More information can be found at digcitcommit.org/join-us

Additionally, do join the first Digital Citizenship Commitment Virtual Congress from February 11-12, 2020. This free virtual event will showcase educators and students who are demonstrating effective digital citizenship based on the five competencies.


About ISTE

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