How Can We Hold Spaces For Children To Fail And Flourish? | Tra-My Nguyen | Kidspire Vietnam


This video first appeared on our Facebook page on February 27th, as part of the HundrED WEBday series. 

Who is Tra-My Nguyen ?

Tra-My Nguyen is life-long learner who is passionate about the not-for-profit sector, liberty and sustainable education, kids, science and technology, spirituality, and a natural lifestyle.

Tra-My has a very deep desire to hold space (to understand more about hold space) for other people especially disadvantaged children, youth, and women: to give them hope, to create an environment for them, to encourage and empower them to unleash their core values and develop their core competencies so they can flourish naturally and live in harmony with themselves, with others and with nature.

Tra-My has worked at Kidspire Vietnam - a NPO educational organization - from 2011 as lead teacher, team captain, curriculum designer & coordinator. She was doing maker activities with students from her very first days at Kidspire Vietnam, before maker became a trend in education. She is the Initiator & Coordinator of Maker Academy at Kidspire Vietnam, which she started in 2016. Maker Academy of Kidspire Vietnam was selected to be 1 of 100 most inspiring education innovations across the world by HundrED in 2019.

During her 8 years at Kidspire Vietnam, she has had the chance to work directly with more than 500 orphan children in more than 15 orphanages throughout Vietnam, and she really knows how to touch and inspire children.

She is also one of the partners and Program Facilitator for Design for Change Vietnam (one of 65 countries which is part of Design for Change Global - the largest global movement which empowers children to unleash their "I CAN" super power). Tra-My is in charge of localizing and co-designing activities to be more appropriate with situations in Vietnam to bring the 4 steps FIDS (Feel - Image - Do - Share) to Vietnamese children. She provides training for schools, communities, and children about the Design for Change process. She also works directly with Design for Change Global team.

Tra-My practices meditation. She has been learning and applying this practice into her daily life from 2012 - focusing more on the here and the now. She is an INFJ

If you would like, you can connect with her on Linkedin.


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