How Can We Get Great Mathematical Discussions Through Exploration? - Audun Uggerud | HundrED WEBday


This video first appeared on our Facebook page on September 25th, as part of the HundrED WEBday series. 



Who is Audun Uggerud?

Audun Uggerud is a teacher and teacher trainer from Norway, currently working to bring Dragonbox School to as many schools as possible. He wrote his masters degree about how kids self-perception played an important role on how they solved problem-solving tasks.  After seeing how important the right mindset was, he started his journey to find ways to change the way math is taught in schools. In this process, he was lucky enough to meet the people behind the award-winning Dragonbox games. Together with teachers in Norway and Finland they created Dragonbox School, a complete math curriculum designed for schools. 


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