How Can We Design Pedagogy With Our Students? - Milla Kokko | HundrED WEBday


This video first appeared on our Facebook page on June 26th, as part of the HundrED WEBday series. 


Who is Milla Kokko?

Milla Kokko (MA) is the CEO and one of the founders in HEI Schools with deep experience in fields of international brand and concept design, marketing and communication strategies. She has also accumulated wide know-how in change management, customer experience, business model design and various types of co-creation & collaboration methods. At the moment she is focusing on bringing the Finnish Early Childhood Education to the international market through well branded and productized concept, Helsinki International Schools, HEI (

I’m a human-centered strategist using creativity to build better experiences, business, brands, society & social connections. It’s extremely exciting time to work in the creative industry of today, when almost every field has to re-invent itself: products, service models, customer experiences, profit and pricing logic, marketing and sales tactics... And the same seems to apply to politics, culture, arts, think tanks etc.

My job is to crystallize complex entities and inspire teams – both within our own team and partner´s organization. To clarify direction, find patterns and new opportunities and combine them in an unexpected, distinctive way. To make difficult things feel simple, understandable and inspiring.


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