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HEI Schools, Setting The Bar For Quality Education In Early Childhood Education


HEI Schools, selected for HundrED 2019 & HundrED 2020 is spreading their playful early childhood education model based on the Finnish early childhood education curriculum to as many children as possible in the world. Read what being part of the HundrED community means to them! 

What does it mean for HEI SCHOOLS to be recognised as a leading education innovator in the HundrED 2019 Global Collection?

Our mission from the start has been to provide high-quality early childhood education to as many children across the globe as possible, hence to be recognized in a global context means a lot to us. It is wonderful to see that we have been recognized in our innovative approach, which is about offering the research-based Finnish education model as a complete licensing package to be operated outside of Finland. HEI Schools is not just about high-quality curriculum, but a holistic approach to learning: how our teacher training comes together with our curriculum & carefully designed and selected learning materials, and how the learning environment supports active participation, promotes creativity and enables children to focus better.

We are extremely proud and privileged that our approach to the holistic wellbeing and happiness for children in education and learning rooted in the Finnish way has been recognize.

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What are your biggest takeaways from the HundrED Innovation Summit?

The HundrED Innovation Summit was very inspiring for our team. We truly felt like we are a part of something bigger, a change, a paradigm shift that is happening in the world. There were multiple inspiring companies, speeches and people to learn from who started with nothing, yet were able to make an impact in their communities and eventually world-wide. The summit made us feel even more passionate about striving for positive change in education globally. While even individuals and small companies can make a difference, we at HundrED as a cluster of innovative educational companies can absolutely create positive change in the world through education when we inspire each other and work together! 

How has the HundrED Summit and global recognition helped progress the impact of HEI SCHOOLS?

  • HEI Schools´ voice in HundrED community channels (interviews, articles, FB live stream)
  • Introductions to potential partners. 
  • Contacts with the other innovators around the world 

So, what is next for HEI SCHOOLS?

As HEI Schools wishes to bring high-quality early childhood education to as many children in the world as possible, we have extended our product line and created a few new concepts to be able to better fulfil this goal. In addition to our flagship concept with the full HEI Schools Learning Centers, we now have the “HEI Schools Curriculum” -product for existing preschools and kindergartens, who wish to keep their own brand name and learning environment as it is, yet still benefit from our research-based curriculum and teacher training. We have also created an activity club called “HEI Club” that can be combined with the full Learning Center or run separately in many types of venues, like larger educational spaces or even malls or other retail spaces.

What would you say to innovators who are looking to connect with HundrED? Why should they be part of the global community for change?

HundrED is an inspiring community that opens our eyes to the education innovations all over the world. These innovations help us to understand the global context and give us ideas to how we can take those small steps in our own communities: to make children’s lives better and make a larger societal impact. The HundrED community can also help in commercializing and expanding all of our businesses to other parts of the world with like-minded individuals and companies who are on the same mission. 

For more information on HEI Schools check out their innovation page, here