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21.8.2020 | Kathija Yasmin Shaik |

Future Fingers Global Art Campaign: Re-imagining the future of education and employment through Art

Future Fingers aims to provide a space for students across the world to voice out their imagination, hopes, and dreams through art-based events, competitions, activities making them naturally inclined to come up with creative solutions for the issues that matter to them and the world supporting the educational communities.


Future Fingers is a global movement initiated by a team of HundrED Ambassadors which includes educators from across the globe who share the common values of HundrED and dedication to shaping the future of education. Future Fingers aims to provide a space for students across the world to voice out their imagination, hopes, and dreams through art-based events, competitions, activities making them naturally inclined to come up with creative solutions for the issues that matter to them and the world supporting the educational communities.

Future Fingers is not just a collaboration across countries and cultures that appreciate and embraces diverse perspectives and creative skills, but this global team effort will also help us to take impactful actions that would allow the student community to experience a more creative, diverse, inclusive and a positive change that they wish to bring to this world.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, educators around the world are wondering how to prepare students for the future. We have been talking about the need to rethink and re-imagine how to educate future generations. The generations that will need to harness the power of teamwork to solve the world’s biggest challenges. 

According to a Dell Technologies report, “85% of the jobs in 2030 that Generation Z and Alpha will enter into have not been invented yet.” According to this World Economic Forum report, “65% of primary school children today will be working in job types that do not yet exist."

As we educators find new ways of connecting with students, this is the right time to reflect on how this crisis can help us define what learning should look like for generations to come. This global art campaign being the first project of Future Fingers aims to allow students to express their ideas, solutions, and expectations towards the future of education and employment.

The Hundred Ambassadors from different parts of the world headed this art campaign in their respective countries. Students have been visionary in transforming their incredible ideas of communicating to the world about the future of education. Every piece of art shows us how self-expression, creativity and perceptions take different forms and how a child’s message to the world could have possible connections to envision.

Registrations streamed in from countries like Armenia, Newzealand, Mexico, Ukraine, India, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Brazil, Nigeria, Kenya, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Costa Rica and the United Kingdom from which selective 70 artworks are featured and top 10 winners bags the ‘Global Artist Title'. The winners get a certificate and exciting gift hampers from HundrED Ambassadors and a special invitation to join HundrED’s most prestigious Youth Ambassador Program.

The splash of colours in the artworks unfolds their emotions tied to their schools, friends, and teachers. Every message delivered is strong, leaving an indelible impression in our minds like that of an image etched on a film. Every student had made use of this exciting chance to view the world through various lenses and contexts on themes below:

  • What will work look like in 2050? — (Age 16-18)
  • How should learning happen in 2050? — (Age 13-15)
  • What will future classrooms look like? — (Age 8 -12)

We are thrilled to announce the Global Artist Title winners of the Future Fingers Global Art Campaign Season 1.

  1. Rindhya Vishnu Shankar - ELC International School - Malaysia
  2. Akshaya Somasundaram - Eden Prairie High School - United States Of America
  3. Nazar Shcherbatiuk - Cherkasy School 7 - Ukraine
  4. Mahrosh Gul Agha - Les Anges Montessori Academy - Pakistan
  5. Margo Shcherbatiuk - Cherkasy State Humanitarian and Law -Ukraine
  6. Maria apyan - Yerevan N 132 Secondary School - Armenia
  7. Aelish Sagar -Swami Vivekanand Arunodaya Vidyalaya - North India
  8. Sofia Lomaka - Sumy Secondary School - Ukraine
  9. Hiranya Parkhe - Symbiosis School - West India
  10. Anna shepelenko -Taras Shevchenko Himnazia -Ukraine

Let's hear it out from the winners!

Rindhya Vishnu Shankar - ELC International School, Malaysia


“I have portrayed my dream of having a school inside an Ocean. The newspaper in the polluted ocean indicates the wide network of communication through the ocean via technology. We would be able to solve many problems and develop a more sustainable environment. The bean bag with sockets represents the comfort and the development of technology.”

Nazar Shcherbatiuk - Cherkasy School 7 - Ukraine


“It is amazing to go on a virtual excursion to the desert or the North Pole with virtual reality. From watching the movements of atoms during the reaction or being a part of the hydrogen molecule in the Chemistry lab to witness the performance at the Globe theatre in 1603 at the virtual History or Literature lab gives an incredible feeling. I believe that advancement in science will make a step forward paving the way to solve the global problems we face nowadays."

Akshaya Somasundaram - Eden Prairie High School-Minnesota -United States of America


"I imagine students will have time to plant trees because we need to save our earth. If there is no world, there is no future. I also believe that in the future, creativity would add more value than the cookie-cutter way of thinking."

What notable educators have to say about the Future Fingers Global Art Campaign:

Elisa Guerra, Teacher and Author / Named Best educator in Latin America by the IDB / México.

"Scientific research has been urgently pointing us to the rescue of artistic programs in schools, voicing out how the arts wire the brain for learning. But art is so much more: it commands and promotes creativity and collaboration. It is exciting to witness the amazing work of Future Fingers educators in bringing together the arts to weave the human experience"

Alex Bell - HundrED Ambassador & Country Lead- UK- Director - Portland Education

"It is my absolute pleasure to offer my warm congratulations to all the young people around the world who took time to show their creative wisdom and talent in this Future Fingers global art project, but also to the brave and innovative members of the HundrED community who brought you all together to share your talent and messages with the world. When we look into your pictures, we see a world where technology links our humanity, where whole communities learn together in and beyond schools and where we respect and care for each other and our planet in the way we know we should. Children indeed learn from adults, but these beautiful, hopeful glimpses of our learning futures remind us that adults have so much to learn from children. Thank you for showing us our dreams. "

Argy Nestor - HundrED Ambassador - Director- Sweetland Middle School - Maine, USA

“This is an amazing project that contributes to the importance of connecting worldwide. The artworks are outstanding! The themes help us imagine the future of education through the eyes of young artists. How wonderful to have visual messages.”

Enos Magaga- HundrED Ambassador and Country Lead - Educator and Researcher – BEADS for Education - Kenya - Africa

“It is amazing seeing these mind-blowing pieces of art from learner’s perspectives. From the artworks, it is clear that they would want a future classroom environment that mends our relationship with nature. It is also evident that learning should include more critical/creative and problem-solving skills. I think this is the way to go, making it about the learners and trusting them to create and share their thoughts through arts. Excellent work!”

On behalf of the entire team of Future Fingers, I express my profound gratitude to Saku Tuominen Creative Director- HundrED and Lasse Leponiemi -Executive Director & Co-Founder- HundrED, for providing us with the world's most innovative and amazing platform HundrED where global educators and innovators can meet, share, lead, learn and dedicate to the rejuvenation of education.

Our special thanks to Pukhraj Ranjan, Head of Community and impact - HundrED and Mariah O' Mara, Head of Media - HundrED for their immense support and guidance. My sincere thanks and regards to all the Project Heads who played essential roles in making this art campaign a splendid journey of success to remember.

I convey our appreciation to all the participants who are the transformative power of change for their astounding and impressive artworks that have spoken out their dreams. We were truly surprised by the tremendous energy and enthusiasm of every participant. I also take this moment to welcome more Ambassadors to join Future Fingers to head some exciting and new initiatives in the future. We at Future Fingers are extremely delighted to publish the Digital artbook compilation of the participants.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and we hope you enjoy our Art Book!