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Frequently Asked Questions: HundrED Schools


What is the purpose of the HundrED School Network?

Through the School Network, HundrED aims to build a global community of schools and educators, innovators and implementers, who are passionately working to change the face of education. They learn about inspirational education innovations before anyone else, use opportunities to connect with others who share their passion and values, and sometimes even try these innovations in their classrooms.

As a HundrED School, what do we get?

As a HundrED School, you will get to be a part of a global community and

  • Your own School profile page on the HundrED platform to share your innovations
  • Access to the HundrED Schools Hotdesk to contact us for any support
  • Invitation to a HundrED Community Facebook Group as a networking platform
  • Monthly HundrED Schools Newsletter with all that is happening in the world of innovation in education.

Why should we become a HundrED School?

We have realised that schools are always actively looking for innovative practices in the education landscape and so we are here to help. We identify innovative ideas and share them in an easy format. As a HundrED school, apart from connecting with like-minded people from around the world, you will get to learn about global and local innovations changing the education space without a pressure to try anything.

Do we need to be a highly innovative school to be a part of the HundrED Schools Network?

No, you just need to be interested in innovations or quite simply, in changing the face of education.

If we become a HundrED School, will we need to implement any of the HundrED Global or Open innovations in our school?

Absolutely not! Will we like it if you do? Absolutely yes, but there is no pressure, try what you want to try. If none of them take your fancy, you can still help by just reading about the global innovations and helping them to spread!

Can we directly reach out to other schools and plan a project with them?

Yes, of course! Once you become a part of the School Network, you will be invited to a Facebook Group where you can network on the platform or separately. Our only request is that if you do end up planning a project, please let us know – we’d love to hear about what you’re up to!

Do we have to pay to be a HundrED school?

No, nothing. It is all for a good cause, without any financial implications.

Can we be paid for trying your innovations?

The HundrED School program is a voluntary role and so it is not possible for anyone involved in this role to be paid. However, if you do try you will gain valuable connections, ideas and resources.

What social media handles can I use to spread the innovations?

For any post you make about HundrED Schools, please use the tag #HundrEDSchools

For general posts, you can tag @HundrEDorg on your tweets or use the tag #HundrEDorg on your posts