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HundrED Ambassadors

If you have a drive and interest in education innovations and want to play a part in helping good practices to spread, become a HundrED ambassador.
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HundrED ambassadors help education innovations spread across the world.

Ambassadors seek and share inspiring innovations from their local area or field of expertise.

When you become a HundrED ambassador you get to be a part of a global community and know the most interesting educational innovations and trends as a forerunner.

What is expected from an ambassador


Identify and share impactful & scalable, local and global education innovations with our research and community team.


Make connections between HundrED innovators and local educators to help spread their impact to more children.


Host local events and convene a local education innovations community under your leadership.

Meet HundrED Ambassadors

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Grid List Map
Anna Joukivskaia
HD Lee
Kenneth Cushner
Jose Barreto
Dana Kinel
Denise  Murai
Nam Ngo Thanh
Søren Peter Dalby Andersen
Amanullah Saand
Godwin Osama
Megan Grieco
Dr Kavita Bajpai
Ebengo Honoré
Prakhar Bhatia
Veeraiah Kummari
Beatriz Jiménez
Thayumanaswamy  ranganathan Janardhanan
Kathija  Yasmin
Filipa Cristina
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