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virtual sculptures

I invented the concept of virtual sculpture, it is a first time in the world in the field of education and in contemporary art.

My invention is to create virtual sculptures without real materials with Minecraft. our starting point is contemporary art, that why i worked mainly on geometric shapes. Virtual sculptures offer to the students the opportunity to fix construction errors during construction. My research is based on the use of technologies in the field of fine art and renewal of tools and techniques used.


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April 2019

About the innovation

the definition of virtual sculpture

Who i am?

Anis amouri fine art teacher ,artist ,sculptor and poet from Tunisia.I am the creator of the concept of virtual sculpture with game.

Definition of virtual sculpture:

virtual sculpture is the action or art of processing to form an image or representation of from virtual material,and to form into a three-dimensional work of art.

What we do?

we produce an artistic work in a virtual world by Minecraft game for exemple,

there are many virtual games or tools or applications,you can choose another one. 

The students will build three-dimensional works, such as contemporary buildings and sculptures.

The use of repetition in construction, but working on a diversity of size, colour and direction

Create formal relationships between the elements of colour and repetition sculpture.

Create spaces in the works,

Address the problem of fullness and emptiness.

Use of technology in the field of fine art and renewal of tools and techniques used

Learn more about virtual reality and the opportunities it offers to the learner during construction, including the opportunity to fix construction errors.

This learning scenario will show students that we can built the sculptures

without materials.

Why we do it?

it's a new vision of sculpture ,a new way to combine art and technology, to combine reality and virtual.

The main objective is to build virtual sculptures without real materials by Minecraft .

The learner will develop and demonstrate:

- Communicating and collaborating  

- Solving complex, multidisciplinary, open-ended problems

- Critical thinking

- Creativity and entrepreneurial thinking

Further skills: ICT, learning by doing, communication, digital skills, literacy, creation in 3D, cultural awareness.

Implementation steps

how to create virtual sculptures

First the students make researches about the definition of sculpture and the evolution of this art over the history.

During the lesson the students worked in pairs, they discussed with each other to choose the shape of the sculpture they would build, they started the construction, they were not afraid to go wrong because they knew that was easy to repair their work easily, they felt free.

Spread of the innovation

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