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Showcase: Emergency Education Response


Conflicts, natural disasters, and epidemics derail the lives of children. Without access to education, they risk losing their futures. Education is consistently cited as top priority for parents and children in crises, yet it is often the first service lost and last restored during emergencies.  Education in emergencies requires quick response and attention to the immediate needs of the learners in crisis situations. In this collaborative project, Education Above All’s Innovation Development (EAA’s ID) directorate brought together partners Positive Education Institute (PEI) and Think Equal to join efforts in providing emergency education support for Ukrainian refugees.


Müller-Funk, Lea and Sonja Fransen. “I Will Return Strong: The Role of Life Aspirations in Refugees’Return Aspirations.” International Migration Review 57, no. 4 (December 2023): 1738-1770.

Publication Date
May 30, 2024
Jamie Lee, M. Mariah Voutilainen, and Crystal Green
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Lee, Jamie, M. Mariah Voutilainen, and Crystal Green. Showcase: Emergency Education Response, Education Above All’s collaborative project in Ukraine. Helsinki: HundrED, 2024.
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