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Software to automate intergenerational communication between students, families & communities.

Write of Passage

Marker Sydney, Australia
Students use Q&A template questions and voice-to-text AI to scaffold collecting life stories from their family or community into printable digital books, to develop future-proofing education skills, empathy and identity. Books can be gifted or sold for fundraising. Students 'interview' their own family (any language) and photos or as a community service activity in the community, eg; aged care.

Write of Passage & The Family Book Project


Carey Furze, Bookform Founder

Bookform’s Family Book Project program was introduced to educators at the Future Schools conference in Melbourne last week.

Schools from Australia, New Zealand, and Asia saw Principals, teachers, and Technology educators network with the education department, industry thought leaders and each other to research the latest in teaching and ‘EduTech’ Digital Technologies.

Digital Technologies will be a compulsory component of the F-12 curriculum from 2019. See the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority ACARA. And educators are busy ensuring the best technologies and strategies are available to all our schools.

The Family Book Project is first-in-the world technology to combine Internet Communication Technology (ICT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that empowers students to collect family and community stories into printable digital books for education, cultural development and legacy.

Students use technology to collect family stories & create printable digital books.

The Family Book Project Features:

Online templates: guide and structure the creation of print & digital books.

Voice-to-text: spoken stories instantly transcribed into the book. Stories can be edited and audio files saved.

Collaboration: invited family contribute stories & photos (any language) to quickly build the book together.

Marketing: all books branded with the school’s logo and message.

Print-on-demand: for presentation ceremonies eg; Grandparent’s day or sold for fundraising.


Special Interest Project – Family Food Book

Nikita created a bespoke Family Recipe Book by inviting family and friends to contribute, not only their favourite recipes, but also the stories and feelings that go with special meals and family celebrations. Family Food Book

Students and/or teachers collaborate to build a book together. Many people contribute content, in any language, and photos, about any topic of interest or occasion: The School holiday or camp book, or a research project, where students collaborate their findings, or maybe a class book, to promote school initiatives & programs. School Holiday Book

Developing literacy & self-confidence

Students develop a love for reading and writing because they create a book their whole family are proud of and will treasure for many generations. Harold Edwards Book

Dyslexic or disengaged youth literally speak the stories of interest to them and create a tangible modern product that can be used to develop literacy, communication and digital technology skills. Unrealised issues can be identified and addressed, such as bullying or abuse.

Books are printed-on-demand and given as gifts at school presentation ceremonies, such as Mother's, Father's, or Grandparent's Day or sold for school fundraising, such as the Family Food Book, where all the different ethnic cultures from your school contribute recipes and stories about those special meals or celebrations and the book is sold into the community or used to raise awareness.

Senior School Community Projects - helping others save stories and culture

Canterbury Boys’ High School & Bupa Aged Care

Year 9 & 10 students interview residents and help them create their memoir books. Printed books are presented at ceremonies to engage families and community and generate positive PR for the school.

Principal, Belinda Giudice said, “Bookform is an online technology resource where students can develop important life-long social and communication skills, while learning about their family and real-world Australian history.”

Aboriginal culture saved and shared

Indigenous youth are empowered to gather their own community’s stories in a modern and easy to share format.

Indigenous youth and elders are motivated to engage in this project because it benefits a higher cause than just an individual, they are saving their fast disappearing languages, myths and cultures.

Intergenerational bonding over story sharing is a timeless tradition for any culture.

Immigrant stories for community building

Imagine having access to everyone’s back-story. You might not agree with some people’s beliefs or politics, but getting a glimpse of the world through their eyes, gives everyone the opportunity to understand another’s perspective, to build empathy and understanding.

Sharing personal stories and experiences allows us to understand we have more similarities than differences and it is a starting point for developing and assimilating into Australian culture.

Enquires to: office@bookform.com.au

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12 - 18
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The King's School, North Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia
The Future of History is with Students


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The Family Book Project
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