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Wondertree is a tech company that designs augmented reality games to accelerate development of children with special needs


Karachi, Pakistan
WonderGames only require a PC, Camera and TV screen, which makes our games accessible and affordable. Key features of our games include fully customizable settings, immersive experiences for different target populations and real time clinically backed reporting. Our games are designed to develop physical, cognitive, language and social skills in children with special needs.

What is WonderTree?

What we do?

WonderTree is a technology company using gamification to inject joy into physical and cognitive therapy for kids through fun, interactive, augmented reality games . We are an unlikely pair of clinically trained psychologists and game developers using AR to revolutionize therapeutic care and education for kids.

Since WonderGames can be deployed anywhere, from clinics and hospitals to households and special and regular schools and it only utilizes a PC, Camera and TV screen, there is a 50% to 70% reduction in cost when compared to the conventional methods of rehabilitation, education and development of special children making this technology accessible for the people belonging to all levels of social strata.

WonderTree started in 2016 and in 4 years, WonderTree has gained 3500 monthly active users. WonderGames are now deployed in over 3 cities of Pakistan in 12 hospitals and 36 special schools. 

Now we are expanding our operations through our early childhood education programme. We aim to incorporate augmented reality games in classrooms, to accelerate early childhood development. For this, our target users include children aged 4-7 years old. Our aim is to accelerate development through our games and to make quality education accessible to all children.

Why we do it?

Initially, Wondergames were designed to facilitate cognitive and physical therapy for children with special needs specfically. Currently, children with special needs are largely neglected in mainstream education.  There are over a million children with special needs in Pakistan. The ratio of number of therapists to the number of children with special needs is 1 : 230000. Quality, inclusive education and therapy is expensive and leaves out a large segment of the country's population who cannot afford it.  Our games are accessible and affordable and have successfully improved motor and cognitive skills of over 3500 children with special needs. 

In Pakistan, there is a lack of institutional support in providing inclusive and quality education that caters to learning needs of all students. Approximately 22.8 million children aged 5-16 years are out of school, from which an estimate of 5 million are children of primary-school age (Pakistan Education Statistics, 2016-17). Through our early childhood education programme, we are also advocating for the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals for Pakistan of providing inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities of all. Our affordable and easily accessible WonderGames can help overcome the problems of limited resources and institutional support, by using technology to accelerate development. 

Wondergames give students with varying learning needs the opportunity to gain quality education and develop their physical, cognitive, language, emotional and social skills through our technology-assisted learning program. Our augmented reality games engage multiple senses of students which makes learning inclusive and engaging for them.

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Camera, TV Screen/Multi-Media Projector, Computer System(i5,6th Gen), 8GB RAM, NVIDIA Graphics card 2GB, 2MBPS Internet Connection
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