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The summit employs an experiential approach to learning, designed to grow girls knowledge and appetite to pursue fields of their interest.

Wasichana wa Afrika Summit

Nairobi, Kenya
The summit employs an integrated approach to learning by identifying high potential adolescent girls, providing them a platform to interact with role models/professionals who are working in their fields of interest. The overarching goal of the summit is to expand their knowledge and increase their appetite to pursue courses that are relevant to their future career ambitions.

What is Wasichana wa Afrika Summit?

What we do? 

Hosted as a 5-day residential workshop, the summit curates content designed to build girls knowledge and interest in fields of their interest. The summit combines thematic skills-building sessions, learning visits and rights education (with a specific focus on sexual reproductive health and rights) and exposes girls to a pool of mentors who have walked their journeys who can inspire them to pursue careers of their interest. 

Why we do it? 

Akili Dada acknowledges that a number of career fields remain pre-dominantly male-dominated with low participation form women. To overcome this barrier, the summit identifies a theme on an annual basis and identifies high potential adolescent girls with an interest in these tracks exposing them to mentors/role models and knowledge resources to enable them chart a clear path for their future. 

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Target Group
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Tips for implementation
Akili Dada employs a girl-centered programming approach to the design of the project, ensuring that the needs of adolescent girls are put front and center. We ensure that girls rights, leadership development, and mentorship are at the heart of our project/program design to foster meaningful impact.
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Wasichana wa Afrika summit participants with Oracle Women Lead mentors at the 2018 convening.
Adolescent girls drawn from three East African Countries convene for the annual Wasichana wa Afrika Summit 2018.
Design thinking for community impact at the 2019 Wasichana wa Afrika summit.
Learning visit at the United Nations head quarters in Nairobi, Kenya.
Unpacking self leadership, self management and efficacy at the 2019 Wasichana wa Afrika Summit.
Building smart cities at the 2019 Wasichana wa Afrika Summit
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