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Inspiring pupil voice by providing weekly topical resources for discussion, and a national online voting platform.


United Kingdom
VotesforSchools creates weekly 'VoteTopics’ that tackle the most important issues affecting young people today. It is a unique programme that addresses multiple curriculum areas such as British Values, PREVENT and SMSC, which we know busy teachers struggle to fit in. After each VoteTopic, students use our online platform to vote. This hugely raises the profile and impact of pupil voice.

VotesforSchools - what we do and why we do it

““I am delighted that VfS is encouraging debate on thought-provoking topics that can encourage more young people to participate. The future of democracy is in their hands.” ”

Andrea Leadsom MP, former leader of the House of Commons

What we do?

VotesforSchools is an award-winning voting platform for young people that supports outstanding SMSC, British Values, and Prevent delivery. We strive to make a difference in schools, local communities, and the wider world, and highlight the importance of being informed, curious and heard.

Why we do it?

VotesforSchools’ vision is of a politically engaged, tolerant & cohesive society, made up of informed citizens. We look forward to a world where all young people are able to open up about difficult subjects & listen to each other’s views.

VotesforSchools exists to give young people the knowledge they need & tools required to change the world around them. The programme helps teachers to address current affairs & sensitive topics while lighting up the classroom & sparking student interest in new areas. The voting platform gives young people a respected & influential voice.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
300 000
Focus areas
Tips for implementation
VotesforSchools is an annual subscription covering schools for all 40 weeks of the academic year. Lead staff receive lesson materials each week via email or through the website. We have separate resources for KS1 & 2 (Primary), KS3 & 4 (Secondary), Advanced for Colleges and versions for prisons.
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VotesforSchools 🗳️🌍📢 (@votesforschools) / Twitter
All materials can be delivered immediately. The idea is to free up all prep time for teachers. 
Lizzy Lewis
Schools receive an assembly, resources, cross curricular ideas, evidence for inspection and a parent/carer weekly resource. 
Lizzy Lewis


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