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Vissaal Digital Magazine

place Afghanistan

Everyone has a story to share.

Gender equality is in severe danger in Afghanistan, there aren’t many magazines working for women writers to get published and be supported. Vissaal digital magazine, brings the opportunity of expressing and getting published for afghan women. We also support and educate them by several workshops and courses. This magazine helps them raise their voice for their rights and promote gender equality.


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Target group
April 2024
I want a community where writers are not more upset and overwhelmed for not having a place to publish their writings. A community where people have the chance to be read and supported. I want all writers to write knowingly and become professionals one day. I want a generation where equality speaks the first.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

I created this project to support Afghan female writers express themselves and raise their voice for their rights, as well as contributing to gender equality.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

In Vissaal we publish writings from Afghan welters, mostly about the problems they have and equality. We held workshops for them too. For readers, they can visit our page and read the articles we share each week from people. Writers can send us their writings and after evaluation and editing, they can get published.

How has it been spreading?

I asked my teachers and friends from different countries to share it with their friends. A lot of same content magazines and pages supported us to share it with their readers. And also I advertised it in different instagram pages.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To read our content, you should visit our instagram page and read the writings we posted from writers. And if you are among the writers from Afghanistan, you can contact us on email or instagram. Our page:

Implementation steps

Visiting our page
If you are an Afghan woman and are interested in writing and poetry, you are eligible to become a writer of our magazine. So first of all you should visit our page, read a couple of already published articles and get more information about us.
Identity a piece of writing
See if you have a writing already written or you want to write a new one. It can be about anything you feel but mostly something that indicates your life as an Afghan female.
Contact us
You can send us your writing on our instagram page or email(listed on the page) and we will evaluate your writing, suggest some improvement ideas, edit it and translate it.

Spread of the innovation

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