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Workforce academy for teenagers

VinciU is tackling youth unemployment by building a workforce academy for teens. Offering gamified, AI-powered courses in tech, design and more, they aim to provide a scalable, motivating learning experience. Helping young people succeed professionally and complementing traditional education.



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Target group
Students upper
May 2023
We want to help traditional education to develop young talent, fostering a clear career path and the skill sets for success in a dynamic world. VinciU envision is to be the go-to "university for teenagers," empowering students to stay relevant and contribute to global technological progress.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

With over 100 million unemployed youths globally, there is a clear crisis of young people facing significant challenges in entering the workforce, especially in developing countries.
VinciU has been Inspired by our (the founders') personal experiences such as the need for a young supportive learning community and the pain of our immediate environment as the youth lack job opportunities.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

inciU offers a progressive two-stage learining path or bootcamp called “the tech career program”, including a discovery stage and a specialization stage that goes from the basics to becoming a “junior” category professional. The platform provides on-demand courses and weekly live group sessions led by a peer to peer methology, with a focus on providing digital professional hard skills and essential soft skills. VinciU is also working on implementing AI-driven tools to enhance the learning experience and drive scalability.

How has it been spreading?

Traditional press took us from 0 to 600 B2C Students in our first pilot year. Now we are aiming to amplify our B2C model by adding a B2B strategy becoming a digital K-12 content publisher offering our platform and the courses to K-12 Schools at an affordable annual license. Student will learn online and the school teachers will become part of it as facilitators to manage activities and peer to peer dynamics in the classroom to reinforce knowledge.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You can register for free in our platform and try the freemium content.

Implementation steps

Step 1: Visit the VinciU Website
Explore the offerings for students, parents, teachers, and educational institutions.
Step 2: Register for a Free Account
Sign up as a student to gain access to VinciU's learning resources.
Step 3: Access the VinciHUB
This application launcher allows you to access free courses, support, read the blog, view your certificates, and join learning groups for pursuing a tech career.
Step 4: Subscribe to Join a Learining Group
With parental consent, subscribe to embark on your learning journey.
Step 5: Explore the VinciU Student Dashboard
This gamified learning experience helps high school students explore a tech career through projects and weekly peer-to-peer activities.
Step 6: Navigate Your Learning Path
View your current courses, progress, on-demand lessons for the week, and activities or challenges to complete.
Step 7: Participate in Live Peer-to-Peer Sessions
VinciU's platform will pairs you up with other students in scheduled live sessions to review material and work. A virtual mentor will provide answers to your questions and help clear your doubts.

Spread of the innovation

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