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Preparing the next generation through co-curricular programs.

VentureVillage is a global organisation based in Espoo, Finland founded in 2018. The organisation emanates from the passion of its founders in promoting the best Finnish educational practices in the Indian school education system. VentureVillage primarily focuses on children developing core skills that are vital for the Economy, Sustainability, Working Life, Society and Entrepreneurship.


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February 2020
"Started seeing wastes in a different way. I started doing many small actions which may make a big change in environment. Asking the local waste workers about their works and their life."

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The Mission of VentuerVithis for profit social enterprise is to instill skills in students that would enable them to evolve as responsible leaders, develop entrepreneurial abilities and become environmental champions. This is addressed by adopting the best practices from the Finnish education system and adopting these to the developing world by curating it as best suited to the context addressed.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

There is the important question of how the courses developed by VentureVillage find their way in the education system of the developing world. This is attained by associating with the school system and collaborating with them to implement this course as their co-curricular activity for their students. The courses used to run offline with course facilitators physically teaching the course in schools prior to the pandemic. The pandemic posed the organisation with the challenging question of how courses could function amidst a global pandemic and schools shifting to the online mode of functioning. This was particularly a challenge given the activity-oriented curriculum and pedagogy involved in this course. Given the activity-oriented curriculum and pedagogy involved in this course and with the contingencies caused by the pandemic in mind, the course has been completely shifted online without losing the essence of the activity-based curriculum that was initially developed.

How has it been spreading?

The course were done by more than 3500 children across 25 schools in Kerala, India in the first phase and in the second phase another 4000 odd children a similar no of schools will be doing the course.

We have been getting lot of requests to sell our online courses in other parts of the world. We are now selling our course licences as blocks so that any one around the world can try it out.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Schools, parents and children are always welcome to come and try out our programs at

Spread of the innovation

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