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Transforming Rural Government School into Quality Education Spaces for Holistic Development of Children

Varitra Foundation

location_on Karnal, India
Varitra Foundation facilitates collaboration between government departments, NGOs and individuals to transform rural government schools. Through its 'Whole School Transformation' approach, Varitra works on infrastructural strengthening, improving learning levels of children, creating safe spaces through library, student leadership and community ownership.
जब एक व्यक्ति प्राइवेट स्कूल चला सकता है तो पूरा गाँव मिलकर सरकारी स्कूल क्यों नहीं बदल सकता ? When one person can run a private school, why can't an entire village transform a government school?



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Updated on January 15th, 2021
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A Colloborative Platform to Transform Government Schools

What we do?

Varitra is working in underprivileged rural government schools of Karnal district to transform them into quality education space. We work on:

1. Creating Child Centric Environment into School

2. Improving Learning Levels of Children

3. Student Leadership through Child Councils

4. Creating safe spaces through libraries 

5. Transforming School Infrastructure

Why we do it?

We believe that each and every child deserve quality education and through providing quality education we can make positive impact in our society.


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अपने गाँव से कॉलेज जाने वाली पहली लड़की सपना की कहानी
क्या आप जानते हैं कि आज़ादी के 70 साल बाद भी हरियाणा में ऐसे गाँव हैं, जहां एक भी बच्चा कभी कॉलेज नहीं गया है? हरियाणा को देश के विकसित औद्योगिक राज्यों में गिना जाता है मगर किसे विश्वास होगा कि यहां प्रेम नगर, संजय नगर और तारपुर जैसे गाँव हैं, जहां से एक भी बच्चा कॉलेज नहीं जा पाया है।
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Do you think youth can make a difference? Do you believe education is the most powerful weapon to change the world? Do you think education must be accessible to all? Do you believe in transfer of knowledge?
How 4 Young People Are Transforming Government Schools In Haryana | Youth Ki Awaaz
Ayeshna Kalyan (co-founder, Varitra Foundation) says, “When an NGO comes and works in an area, they often end up making the local people conditioned to their presence. This makes them dependent. Through Varitra, we want to create projects which can be led by the local people with us as a support in the backdrop. This led us to create an all-local women team on the field who shall become independent change-makers. As an NGO, we had an option of creating or supporting parallel systems for education. But we wanted to address the very root of the issue. And what better way of doing so than through our local government schools?”
Paintings as a novel way of teaching
Tables and shapes for middle school students, mathematics formulae for senior students, animals, birds, body parts for primary school students — the paintings are a way of teaching them while they play.
How Varitra Foundation is giving a new lease of life to rural schools
Through collective efforts by government departments and village communities, Varitra Foundation is giving a new lease of life to rural schools in Karnal


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