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Tuning everyday life helps you to cope with studies and working life


Kemi, Finland
Professional growth is heavily linked to learning about skills and knowledge related to coping at work and work well-being. To support coping at work, we need tools, which can be learned already during the training, regardless of profession.

Learn together

What we do?

Here at Lappia Vocational College we decided to seize this challenge and developed a model that offers all the students a comprehensive “toolbox” to support their own learning and work ability

Why we do it?

Based on Saku Ry´s work ability passport we developed a process-like model, where well-being at work is viewed from the needs of students and work communities. We wanted to support and encourage students to view their own coping in studies and at work as well as to find the right tools suitable for their own development. The starting point was the process of changing one´s own life, ie TUNING. For main thread in this changing process and thinking, we chose a value-based and acceptance-based approach. 

A personal life-tuning project built on the student´s personal needs has improved student well-being and supported learning. Teacherhood has changed into walking alongside, where we learn together and together we stumble. Students´ personal encounters are at the center but also communality and peer support from the other students have supported the success of the students´ life-changing process. In addition, we utilize a network-based operating model, where, for example, the professional expertise of study advisors, curators and health care nurses can be used as a part of the tuning process. 

We have developed new tools to support the student guidance by utilizing the HeiaHeia-application. With the application and its tasks, the students record important things and goals for themselves. Based on them, they choose a small daily task, which is also recorded up to the application. HeiaHeia-application keeps automatically reminding the students of the things they have decided to do in everyday life and also acts as a reflective tool for self-learning and life-changing process. This application has received a very positive response supporting both life-tuning process and the implementation of your own exercise plan. 

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16 - 18
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work well-being
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This innovation is being used with adults as well as young adults
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