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A simple way for Australian youth to turn their passion into an idea, & their idea into a business.


Toolkick® is a unique, interactive mentorship-Ed program where youth (Year 7 to HSC), can find and cultivate a burning passion. Through the guidance of program educators, mentors & partners, participants get to prototype their own 'lemonade stand' social-good business, discovering self-confidence and curiosity as well as a new-found future.


“ Everyone has the potential to be good at something. You just have to figure out what that something might be.”

Lissa Barnum, Andrew Barnum

Originally created for vulnerable youth, Toolkick® is both a tailorable and malleable interactive mentorship program where youth (Year 7 to HSC), can locate their burning passion. Creative process, arts & kinesthetic techniques combine with practical business insights to carve out individual pathways. With the guidance of program educators, mentors & partners, participants prototype their own 'lemonade stand' business, cultivating self-confidence & curiosity, on the way to building their own collaborative social good incentive.

Designed by educator Lissa Barnum, (peopleness.com.au, UTS, Uni of Adelaide & Billy Blue, Sydney), the pilot is ready to be tested to fit your desired demographic. Partner Andrew Barnum (UTS, Billy Blue ex Head of College, JMC Academy), is co-educator & author. The program responds to specific cultural contexts as well as business opportunities located in designated communities.  

Contact us at:   lissabarnum@peopleness.com.au

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Intended Outcomes
15 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
Full 12 week program: seeking supporters to help deliver 8 week F2F plus - 2 weeks in the field with mentors & business partners plus - 2 weeks, returning youth as guides & leaders to other young participants. Experienced tertiary educators head the program Framework is Portable & mobile according to youth context - Ready to deliver as pilot program - Online support (in progress).

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