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The Super Power Agency aims to improve the lives and literacy skills of some of Edinburgh’s most under-resourced young people.

The Super Power Agency

Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Our creative writing programmes provide opportunities for under-resourced students, ages 8 - 18, to explore the potential of the written word all while fostering creativity, boosting confidence and strengthening valuable writing skills, skills that will help them in the classroom, in employment, and in life.

Helping young people become published authors

“My writing skills and storytelling skills have benefitted from working with the Super Power Agency. Good to be part of a group.”

Beau, Super Power Agency author, age 12

Super Power Agency programmes provide opportunities for disadvantaged and under-resourced pupils to explore the potential of the written word all while fostering creativity and strengthening valuable writing skills, skills that will help them in the classroom and in employment. With the support of our brilliant corps of volunteers, who share their time and talents, we can support the work of young people in the classroom and reduce the adult-to-pupil ratio, allowing those who sometimes need more help to get individualised attention. We publish everything the children write and our project-based learning approach means that every writing workshop has a beginning, middle and end, giving our participants a sense of accomplishment and pride with a finished book and a job well done.

Once the book is published, the children are given copies of the book. It is the feeling of accomplishment that comes from having a finished product and being a published author that gives a boost to our young participants’ self-esteem and confidence. The young people also participate in a publication party where the book is celebrated with the school, families and community. Programme participants are asked to read their pieces before the audience and are available to sign copies of the book for attendees. The books are then sold on our website and in local retail shops and bookstores, exposing our young writers to a wider audience. 

Our goal with the Super Power Agency is to support these children as they become confident and successful writers and to help amplify their voices in the community so that young people go from being seen to being seen, heard AND read. The books act as a proof point for the ability of disadvantaged and under-resourced youth, many of whom are left out and left behind, to excel when provided with opportunities to share their opinions and their voices in a creative environment. 

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8 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
Start with a writing prompt Make sure the work is fun and creative Wear capes and keep the energy high The young people come first and their ideas are always honoured
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