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A virtual school created from the integration of a virtual classroom, a module for creating video lessons and a LMS

The school of the future

Sofia, Bulgaria
We have created a real virtual school which can substitute any school or university or can be used as a platform for online tutoring. On our platform teacher can create his own video lessons and sell/share them with the students. Then he can have lectures on our virtual classroom, and also give them homework and test in the LMS.

The school of the future

The platform we have created can be used in the retail market or in the government sector.

In the retail market it serves as a online tutoring platform. the difference is that we have created a virtual classroom, which is much more advanced and many tools. This allows a teacher to teach almost the same way as he does offline. In other words we have created Webex or Adobe Connect for education. the good part is that the virtual classroom is done on the new technology WebRTC, which means that the users can use it from mobile devices. The real advantage comes that it is combines with a module where every teacher or a student can create his own video lessons and also the teachers can give test and homework to the students through our basic and user friendly LMS. In other words we have combines Webex, Udemy, and Moodle in one thing

In the government sector this combination of the three modules creates a real virtual school. This is very similar to project of Pearson in the USA for the online school/home schooling.  the idea is the same. We just created a better tool/platform. This cannot substitute the reals school because of the social functions of a school but can be used in many cases where can save  a lot of money (rural areas, cold weathers, etc.)

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6 - 18
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Tips for implementation
The only thing a person need to use the innovation is just a tablet/laptop and an internet. the platform together with a regular multimedia can substitute completely the smart interactive boards, which are Ok but cost a lot of money and besides they can be damaged by the students

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