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The Rainbow Play Approach

A framework for holistic early childhood development that has creativity, discovery and wonder at the heart of its approach.

The Rainbow Play Approach is a tool that can be applied across formal and informal early childhood settings. It is trauma informed, directly links with 3 components of the Nurturing Care Framework and provides a framework for children’s rights to be met, allowing them to thrive and fulfil their potential, whatever their circumstance, context or community.


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February 2020

About the innovation

Rainbow Play Approach

What we do?

Learn To Play, or Ithute Go Tshameka in Setswana, enables mothers in vulnerable communities to establish child-centred, developmentally-appropriate, and culturally-relevant playgroups. Through our curriculum, Rainbow Play training, interventions, and a specially-designed ‘playgroup in a box’, they get the skills and resources they need to teach the children of their community, establishing a bridge between their community life and formal education.

Why we do it?

More than 200 million children under the age of 5 fail to reach their potential in cognitive development. Poverty, poor health and nutrition, as well as the lack of early stimulation holds these children back. But early years care should not be a luxury and the Rainbow Play framework helps to make early childhood principles easily accessible and understandable to caregivers and educators from all backgrounds and contexts.

Spread of the innovation

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