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The Lucky Mushroom ABC Approach

H I Human Intelligence) H I 2.0 (Human Imagination)

English is the world's lingua franca. People need and use it for all matter of communication. It is the language of war and of peace. It is the language of commerce and the language of the arts. The problem for young learners is that it has become laden with political ideologies. For example red and blue are no longer colors of the spectrum, they are political ideologies. Lucky can fix that.


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Target group
Students early
April 2024
I would like to see educators slow down and engage children. I would like to see children confident enough to demand that educators slow down and listen! I would like to see children and educators that are not intimidated or frightened by AI. I would like to see children embracing the power of their own imagination with confidence. A.I. is good but not as good as H.I. and I would like to prove it.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

During lessons, I would ask kids if they knew the English alphabet, and 99% of the time young learners could sing the song but not spell their own names or identify the letters. I saw the need to slow down and explore when learning; even for native speakers. Each letter of the alphabet deserves every child's attention.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

When children and adults are told the ABC emancipation story there is a noticeable spike in their interest in words. It's almost as if they are hearing words for the first time.

When younger learners (3-13yr)see the Lucky puppet they immediately relax a little. Our "transitional" little fellow takes the edge off and encourages engagement. It has play written all over it. And playing is where learning really begins.

When the letters themselves become starting point of a conversation, the words are not as intimidating. Each and every word has such an exaggerated sense of importance that the learner almost sympathizes with them. Words can be very ambiguous.

How has it been spreading?

As a rapper, I have been using the technique that I'm best at; rap. I have made the letters of the alphabet accessible by recording a rap song (freestyle recording) for each letter.

I also teach English as a second language courses to young learners. They have become so excited about learning English that their parents have started learning the Lucky Mushroom way.

Word of mouth, local schools, and the internet have been the tools that I have been relying on. I have managed to make the whole thing more entertaining so I will be using an app.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

All one has to do is go on youtube and look for "The Emancipation of The ABCs" (The first 13) or download the app. Listen to the letter H followed by the letter I. Allow the letters to introduce themselves one at a time.

While listening keep in mind that the artist for each song is a letter of the English alphabet and is not keen on promoting the other 25 letters.

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Implementation steps

Check! The ABCs
Ask the children if they are familiar with the English alphabet. Ask them to demonstrate. They usually respond by singing the alphabet song
Introduce Lucky
If the children haven't already met Lucky, introduce him. This can also be done via video. Get the children to recite the ABCs for Lucky and spell their names to Lucky. The learners also talk about their favorites and anything that the would like to in English.
Lucky/ Teacher Explains the emancipation
This activity varies according to age! Letter A no longer wishes to be a part of the ABCs. It feels as if the song is just a singular sound and does not stress the significance of A. A is the most aesthetic,and awesome letter as ALL important concepts and words begin with the letter A. Letter B agrees. However, letter B believes that ALL important concepts and words start with the letter B. This goes on to letter M. The first 13!
Full on conversation
Since all restrictions have been removed a full on conversation is happening at this stage. The kids introduce all kinds of words and concepts that they can think of that start with any letter of the alphabet. It usually starts with animals but often changes to places and foreign words. A becomes yellow, for Spanish kids and Love for Italian kids, Egypt for German kids etc....
Knowing what time it is.
After it has been established that children can articulate their favorites in English ask them about a day in their lives. Don't restrict them, just listen. If they have demonstrated an understanding of the simple present. Join in the conversation and gently shift to the last time they had their favorite food. Begin to experiment with tenses (present and past) but let the children dictate the pace and don't rush. Knowing what time it is comes through listening.

Spread of the innovation

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