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The Happy Confident Schools Program

Preparing children for life beyond the classroom with the tools they need to thrive.

A clinician-approved, ready-to-go SEL program for students aged 3-14 that can be delivered by teachers in 5-10 minutes a day. With over 1000 pieces of content tailored by age/ability, evidence shows that schools using the program enjoy improved behavior, reduced anxiety, improved self-regulation & reduced interventions. 92% of pupils using the program felt safer at school after only 8 weeks.


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Target group
May 2024
With mental health issues increasing among children globally, we believe teaching both social-emotional literacy & life skills will ensure they can flourish and thrive. Success is only achievable by equally supporting teachers, parents, and children. The current education system needs to update its archaic approach to development and give children these skills to face life's inevitable challenges.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Wellbeing and mental health challenges are increasing globally. Educators are struggling with both increased behavioral issues and anxiety in school. Our future generations need help, and the current programs available create additional work for over-burdened teachers, can't be seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, and focus on intervention rather than personal development and prevention.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

4 modular/flexible pillars accessible by teachers through an online hub:

1. SEL
The FEELIT program teaches pupils aged 3-14, 100 feelings across 500 activities & engaging videos. It creates an inclusive culture teaching essential social & emotional skills, including self-regulation, conflict resolution, communication and empathy, helping them improve behavior & develop positive relationships.

2. Gratitude & Reflection
Daily Journals to help children become more optimistic providing space to reflect & decompress. Pupils practice gratitude, through '3 good things', reflect on their feelings, and answer 2 daily questions to develop self-awareness.

3. Life Skills
10 skills including Self Awareness, Optimism, Mindset, Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience. A series of videos and activities using testimonials from children and teaching the neuroscience needed to thrive.

4. Mindfulness & Connection
Affirmations, Conversations & Meditations created to arm pupils with tools for life.

How has it been spreading?

Our life skills program was initially trialled in schools from 2018 to 2020 as a 1 hour/week program over 10 weeks. The impact on children was really positive but the expansion was hampered by COVID and the fact that most schools didn’t have the time to find 1h/week.

This is why we decided to chunk up the program into bite sized interventions of 5 to 10min. We developed gratitude journals, the FEELIT program and Happy Confident Me TV as a video program to ensure children could access these at school & at home.

We successfully rolled-out the program and resources in the UK to independent, SEN and state-funded schools.

We are now in full international expansion. We’re present in Europe, the Middle East the US and the Far East, and soon in Australia and LATAM.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We offer a FREE 30-day taster of our Schools Program that showcases some of our materials. You'll find more information at
If you have any specific queries or are interested in our Program, please email If you are not a school please reach out via

Implementation steps

Use materials supplied to share the science behind the program.
1. Show our Program Overview Video to introduce it.
2. Then use our Onboarding Video to demonstrate to teachers how to get started and use the platform
1. Log in to your individual teacher account
2. Watch the Navigation Video to get acquainted with Happy Confident Hub, our online digital platform.
Using the teaching resources section of our hub, you will find all the support materials to help create the best environment to support the program should you wish to devote wall space to the program. Note that when using the printable resources to help bring the program to life and showcase children's work, the positive effect on pupils is significant.
For the SEL Program, FEELIT:
Use the “Understanding Your Feelings” assembly to introduce the program. This video will set the scene for the entire program for pupils
For the Journaling Programme:
Use the "Gratitude" Assembly to share how gratitude improves optimism, which improves happiness. Video also explains to children why journaling helps with all of this!!
For Life Skills
Use the 'Life Skills' Asembly that explains the 10 Powers to the children.
Simply follow the program or the program element by working through all of (or your chosen selection of) the program materials in the order they are found in The Happy Confident Schools Hub
If you would like to onboard your community parents you will be able to set them up with access to our Parent Portal where they will be able to access parenting articles, and learn about the program their children are working through.
After 8 weeks on the program, teachers and pupils complete a simple, easy, survey that will help track Social and Emotional Development over the duration of the program. This evidence will help the schools see (and track) the positive impact the program delivers, and will help the Happy Confident Company to adapt and adjust the program elements if required.

Spread of the innovation

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