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Based on the UK Government Office for Science global research programme and our own UK YouGov UK Surveys help us develop this!

Test My Digital Wellbeing WOWW! - 5 Ways Of Wellbeing Workouts - A Beta Test Concept for HundrED

The HundrED intro to Digtial Wellbeing says "technological impact has many positive effects; for example, an increased scope in learning new KNOWLEDGE and CONNECTING with others from all over the world." These are two of the '5 Ways To Wellbeing' which gives a phenomenal structure to developing "healthy habits". For self-learning, mentoring, teaching, school programmes and policy making.
Kevin M Thomson, Chris Masters - Founders The WOWW! Business with Money Mentor& Club Quizualize
I can certainly see a gap for people wanting to discover their overall comprehensive financial wellbeing with products like WOWW! Adam Afriyie MP Chair Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology

Kevin M Thomson, Chris Masters - Founders The WOWW! Business with Money Mentor& Club Quizualize


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My Digital WOWW!

What we do? 

We are in the process of developing a new approach to researching, teaching, mentoring and monitoring 'wellbeing' - not just in itself but in 'the way we do things around here'. And we're doing it around Digital Wellbeing in response to the HundrED focus on it. We're looking for help in testing, improving, creating results on the survey platform for sharing with HundrED members.

We're using the WOWW! Ways of Wellbeing Wisdom surveys and training in a number of critical areas that affect our daily lives - Financial Wellbeing (the NEF Score link), Personal Wellbeing (the NEW Score) Organizational Wellbeing (the NEO Score link) and as part of our educational approach (under development) WOWW! Music & Wellbeing - YouGov UK survey.  

The WOWW! Digital Wellbeing Survey we've created for HundrED is based on the UK Government programme (5 Ways Link) created with the New Economics Foundation (nef - LINK) and applied in many ways across the globe.

Why we do it?

We do it because we recognised that the very best way to develop personal and organisational wellbeing (work, schools, charities etc) is to look at wellbeing not just as an activity around health, fitness or even mindfulness but as the core to most of the critical things we do - or don't do! 

Starting with Financial Wellbeing and developing our YouGov UK National Benchmark with a world leading Employee Assistance organisation we have extended our approach to the areas in and out of work to home and school. 

We use the WOWW! Surveys to provide the basis for personal testing to be followed up by teaching/mentoring and comparisons with national benchmark (YouGov) data.

We are on a mission to spread the 5 Ways Of Wellbeing Wisdom - in whatever form it takes to help people build their wellbeing lives. Any help with doing this with the WOWW! Digital Wellbeing Survey, any follow up programmes, mentoring or even policy making around the 5 Ways would be great. 


Kevin M Thomson


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WOWW! Digital Wellbeing Beta Test Survey
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