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Tespack Solar Media Bag + software platform developed in collab with Plan International

Turn any room or place into a full equiped classroom in rural regions.

Tespack SMB comes with high-efficient solar panels for creating energy and power banks for charging all mobile devices (300W of power, carry inside an airplane thanks to patented tech). With projectors and speakers, provide high quality visuals and teaching experience. With IoT software platform and GPS, track all devices, energy generation data and stay safe with anti-kidnapping features.


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January 2023

About the innovation

Provide access to education in rural regions

There are currently around 1B people without access to electricity while almost 300M people are out of school. Access to education and affordable, clean energy are one of the main SDGs for the UN to tackle. Our solution addresses both problems: by creating a technology solution that utilises solar and IoT and is made for teachers and rescue workers to be able to turn any space/room into classroom, we are providing a new opportunity to educate and bring education to most rural areas where this has not been previously possible due to lack of electricity.

This is how Tespack SMB was born, in collaboration with one of the largest NGOs, Plan International. We wanted to ensure that everyone would have the opportunity to study and learn in off-grid regions.

Tespack Solar Media Bag is an all-in-one solution that combines the latest tech, solar, IoT and anti-kidnapping features, made for rescue and humanitarian agency workers as well as for teachers in rural regions. SMB comes a projector, speakers and modular power banks to charge laptops and all mobile devices (even allowed into planes with our patent pending modular system) and thus high quality visuals and virtual content can be showcased in rural regions.

SMB is easy to deploy and can be carried inside airplane due to our patent-pending technology and electronics. With 80W solar panels, SMB can be fully charged from the sun in a few hours. With GPS and anti-kidnapping features, SMB can be tracked all times and teachers can be kept safer as thanks to geo-location different safety zones can be created (geo-fencing). IoT allows teachers and rescue workers to track energy generation and usage. Our system allows people to know how much energy has been created from the sun (supporting reduction of CO2 emissions).

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