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An educational solution to provide access to science and technology to children from 6 until 14 years old.

TEC Educacação

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A book with activities related to biotechnology, citizenship, electronics, and interactivity accompanied by several materials as LED, lithium battery, and stencils making it possible for the children to create and evolve their own abilities on science and technology, also developing the sense of being a maker and that everywhere and every space can become a laboratory.

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Updated on October 24th, 2020
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Who is TEC Educação?

What do we do?

Our mission is to democratize access to 'hands-on' education in our country.  Specialized in industrial processes, we adapted its technologies offering educational, digital and physical solutions, which in fact applies to the reality of the whole school, developing the role of students in their learning process and stimulating technological innovations.

Why we do it?

At TEC we believe that anyone can do anything so we trained more than 1 thousand teachers to become multipliers of the technological saber, working in all regions of Brazil, serving more than 22 thousand students in less than two years. As a StartUp committed to the democratization of Maker education in Brazil, our researchers structure science and technology in a pedagogical way through lesson plans based on various active learning methodologies and always in alignment with the National Curriculum Base (BNCC). 


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Galinho do Tempo (Time Rooster)
Você já viu um galinho do tempo? Ele é um bibelô que muda de cor de acordo com as condições climáticas, podendo ficar rosa ou azul. Se este enfeite estiver na cor rosa é indício de que provavelmente o tempo ficará chuvoso e fará frio. Mas se ele estiver azul, provavelmente o dia permanecerá quente sem previsões de chuvas.  O galinho possui cloreto de cobalto II (um sal) em sua superfície, que sofre uma reação química reversível! Quando o tempo fica úmido e frio, se forma um produto com o cobalto que é rosa devido à água na atmosfera. Quando o clima fica seco e quente, não há muita água no ar e esse sal fica seco, revertendo a reação e agora o produto com cobalto é azul!  Claro que o galinho do tempo não substitui a meteorologia, que é a ciência que estuda os fenômenos físicos da atmosfera, podendo gerar previsões sobre o como o clima ficará. Mas ele consegue dar uma ideia sobre as chances do clima mudar. Have you ever seen a time chicken? It is a bibelô that changes color according to the climatic conditions, becoming pink or blue. If this ornament is pink it is an indication that the weather will probably be rainy and cold. But if it is blue, the day will likely remain hot without rain forecasts.  The chicken has cobalt chloride II (a salt) on its surface, which undergoes a reversible chemical reaction! When the weather is wet and cold, a product is formed with cobalt that is pink due to the water in the atmosphere. When the climate is dry and hot, there is not much water in the air and this salt is dry, reversing the reaction and now the product with cobalt is blue!  Of course, the weather chicken is not a substitute for meteorology, which is the science that studies the physical phenomena of the atmosphere, and can generate predictions about what the weather will look like. But he manages to give an idea about the chances of the climate changing.


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