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The project is to support children in rural areas of Vietnam to have a better learning environment

Teaching poor kids in rural Vietnam

Đức Hợp, Vietnam
Sunflower library is the place for children to read their favourite books on their own ways, learn with educators all around the world, and shape their ways to be themselves and support each other in learning.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

“"Thanks Sunflower Library for creating environment for all students to learn and develop in their own ways"”

Hanh Le - Mother of particitpant at Sunflower Library

I was born and raised in a poorest family in rural area of Vietnam. My parents were farmers and we lived mainly on my father’s fishing job. My brother stopped his schooling when I started grade 1 because at that time, our average income for a day was $4. I was quite different from my schoolmates when choosing English as a major subject for higher education. I tried my best and was successful. Then, I returned my hometown with my bare hands but I strongly believe that education is the tool to change the life in my country. My journey for truly free education to raise the children up started with my kids who were not my relatives, my neighbors. They are the children whose parents are poor and need help. They are the children who have the dream to be some one big in the future. They are the children who have the same dream like me – the dream to change our lives. 

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